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The complete works of Founding Father Films! This set includes every single documentary ever created by Mike Church.

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The Compleat set of Mike Church’s Original Audio (CD) & Video (DVD)features covering the founding fathers from 1765-1832!

Get the complete works from Founding Father Films

 Package Includes:

  • Road to Independence DVD movie
  • Road to Independence 2-audio cd set + Disc 3 special features as a digital download
  • The Times That Try Men’s Souls – 2 CD audio Set
  • Spirit of ’76  3-audio cd set and
  • Spirit of ’76  2-DVD movie set
  • What Lincoln Killed 3-audio cd set

(NOTE: we are currently out of hard copies of Fame of Our Fathers 3cd set.  You will receive a link to download the audio version with your email confirmation)


  1. You can always add Mike Church’s Autograph to all the disc for $5.00!
  2. You can add The Spirit of ’76 – The Story Continues for only $3.99

Preview: The Timothy Pickering Story-from Mike Church’s What Lincoln Killed-EPISODE I

Trailer Preview from Mike Church’s “Spirit of ’76”:

Preview: From Mike Church’s “The Fame of Our Fathers”

Forgotten Founding Father Dr. Benjamin Rush urges the Continental Congress to hold votes by individuals and not state delegations in the Articles of Confederation

Preview: From Mike Church’s “The Spirit of ’76-COMPLEAT 3 CD Audio Feature

The Convention Begins on a dark, cold, rainy day and George Washington accepts appointment as its President

Preview: From Mike Church’s “The Spirit of ’76-COMPLEAT 3 CD Audio Feature

Patrick Henry demands to know “Who authorized [James MAdison & co] to speak the language of ‘We the People’ Instead of We the States & thus begins his opposition to the Constitution

Preview: From Mike Church’s “The Spirit of ’76-COMPLEAT 3 CD Audio Feature

Was sabotage to blame for the failure of New York & Virginia to unite in opposition the the Constitution’s ratification!?

Total package will comprise of ALL 6 of Mike Church’s original , multi-disc documentaries!  You can divide the package up amongst family members for individual gifts or you can give the complete Founding Father Films Set to one very special person!  This gift set will come with an autographed, dated, certificate of authenticity with a unique serial number.

Read what critics are saying about just one of  Mike Church’s movies, the 1776 Masterpiece – The Road To Independence The Movie:

By Bradley J. Birzer – Our beleaguered republic has been blessed mightily with the artistry, dedication, wit, tenacity, and wisdom of Mike Church. Not only does he ask the questions that need to be asked, he also talks to the best men and women of our age. Anyone who has had the privilege of listening to Mike on his radio show knows hismodus operandi. He listens, he questions, he learns, he responds, and he listens some more. Behind his views stand the greats of western and American civilization.

Most importantly for our society, though, he reminds us—as members of this republic (Latin for “res publica” the “good thing” or the “common good”; not to be confused with the “greater good”)—what it means to be serious and meaningful citizens and what it means to be at our best. I certainly don’t mean to gush too much, but it’s hard not to do so when speaking or writing of Mike. He’s that important to our future—and, by your, I mean the citizens of the present and of the future of America as well as of the West.

In his stunning new animated film, “The Road to Independence,” Mike Church challenges the prevailing notions, such as they are, regarding the American Founding.  Neither Abraham Lincoln nor Ronald Reagan, he notes, were of the Founding generation, but, within the political right especially, these two men greatly have fundamental shaped our understanding of 1776 and 1787.  And, from the opening of the film to its end, Church points out that the prevailing interpretations of the Declaration of Independence—especially if focused on “all men are created equal”—are, at best, misinterpretations of the text and of the historical moment in which the text was written.  He does this through Jefferson’s own words from a 1821 interview.  Indeed, the entire film is based on original research and primary documents, all of which reveal the essence of the Revolution.

  • This set is fantastic. I listened to different pieces during the holidays when the Mike Church show was on XM. I am now home schooling two boys, junior high and high school age, and this set is part of our curriculum. Mike Church turned me from a know nothing “conservative” into a very well educated, thriving constitutional little r Republican