Panic in the Pews

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Panic in the Pews

by Lisa Bergman

Book Description:

Struggling to keep your children on their best behavior during Mass? This book can help!

Anyone familiar with Gellett Burgess’ book The Goops and How to Be Them will recognize the shtick here: rather than a ‘don’t-do-this, don’t-do-that’, the Massgoing offenders are portrayed in all their offensive glory…to very humorous effect!

Talented young artist Erin Bartholomew brings out the best of these crazy kids with her illustrations, from Backwards Buford to Potty Prue, while author Lisa Bergman insists her six children never, never behave like these hooligans…well…hardly ever…

Update May 2016: We have just completed a complete revamping of this book!  The original artist, Erin Bartholomew, decided to “reboot” the drawings she had done as a teenager–but for those who loved our cast of characters, no worries–she hasn’t changed them, only improved them!  We’ve also added a short epilogue explaining a little more about how we developed this concept based on the Goops!

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