Singles From the Anthology Collection

Disc 1

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Mandeville, LA – The first singles released from the highly anticipated “Anthology” of the Mike Church Show Band are here!

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Friday Is Hawaiian Shirt Day Song

Disc 1:

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The Butch Club

Old’s Gym


The Reverend Right Shady Heals

He’s The Horny Santa

Right Wingers Get Stoned (Anthology Mix)

Piss Poor DJ (The Athens Rap)

Christmas Beer

Get A Vasectomy

Puff The Nasty Rapper

Mike Church TV Show Theme

Chappaquiddick (Acoustic Demo)

Meet The Clintons

Takin’ Care Of Liberals

Lib Boat (Demo Version)


She Hates Bush

Lib Boat (Las Vegas Man Version)


The Lib Boat

Tie A Purple Ribbon (Take 1 and 2 Mix)

50 Ways To Be A Liberal (Extended)

Tie A Purple Ribbon (Master)

Gather ‘Round The Holiday Tree

Scary Kerry Mash

Left Wing Woman