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The Founders Red Pill Diaries

The very best of the Mike Church Show in "listen to in 1 cup of coffee" sized bites.

The Walsingham West Project-Building New Christendom

Join Mike, Maggie, Her Family & Our CRUSADE Channel Family In Proving By Doing That 21st Century Catholics Can Thrive Under The Order of Christendom

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There is simply no one left in radio creating original features but since 2007, we’ve never stopped including our latest Christmas themed thriller – The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes, now an On-Demand Download and CD!

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We are constantly blessed and amazed at the testimonials our listeners continue to send in about the Mike Church Show AND the CRUSADE Channel. There is simply nothing in broadcasting that compares.

The KingDude doesn't just have a store, he personally stocks it!

The Fellowship of The Clans Video Series

The “Why There Must Be A Fellowship” talk from Mike Church and the other 5 talks, in HD video, from May 11-14’s  The Fellowship of The Clans Congress, attended by over 130 CRUSADERS in Grand Couteau, Louisiana! Order The Boxed Set Today!

The Guild State by G.R. Stirling Taylor

“The Guild State is a ‘quick start’ guide to how the Guilds worked so well to help build and conserve Christendom and more importantly why!”Mike Church, Host of The Mike Church Show 

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Back The REAL Blue, Miraculous Medal T-Shirt by MIke Church

There are many, fine, virtuous and courageous police officers and we thank all these LEO’s! But many crimes are prevented by devotion and honor of Our Blessed Lady. Indeed millions of homes, businesses, parks and of course Churches around the world are guarded by the constant intercession of e.g. Our Lady of Graces. Artist and broadcasting legend Mike Church has taken the “Back The Blue” motto that has become popular these past few years and added a Marian twist with this completely original new piece of Mike Church artwork.

Mike spent over 20 hours refining, retouching, detailing then adding the non-Mary text and images to the piece. The result is this one-of-a-kind artwork now available on beautiful, high quality, 100% combed cotton, heavyweight t-shirts!

Order your Back The Real Blue T-Shirt in Sizes Small-3XXX Fat Bastard!

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  • “The Mike Church Show is the talk radio you thought you were getting and realize you aren’t… Sharp, hard hitting and committed to Truth; it will have you screaming at your “radio”, until you realize you are agreeing with the argument.

    It is the only show worthy of your morning drive listening, period.”

    Have a Blessed Day,

    “Jas Wil”

    Jas Wil
  • What Mitter Chur does on talk radio has no equal. Haters are gonna hate but where’s the 26 years of top-rated dominance?

    The Pole

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