A Call To Arms: Join Us In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary


The CRUSADER Knight Congress Has Concluded!

The 1st CRUSADER Knight Congress met as scheduled and all delegates reported the event exceeded their expectations. In fact, we UNANIMOUSLY Resolved to meet for the 2nd CK Congress on the “1st Friday of November, next” and meantime to work on fortifying our kingdoms while expanding relations with each other.


2021 – The Biden Regime Begins

The election of 2020 will go down in ‘Murican history as an event as earth shattering to our future as when Major Pitcairn fired that first shot at the minute men on the Lexington/Concord bridge. CRUSADER Knights must be prepared like the Minute Men but with the blessing of Grace and Our Lady’s patronage at our side. Read the letter of Saint Bernard to Hugh de Payens (excerpts below) to gain an understand of the preparation for battle against The Cult of Death The CRUSADER Knight must prepare himself for.

Life indeed is a fruitful thing and victory is glorious, but a holy death is more important than either. If they are blessed who die in the Lord, how much more are they who die for the Lord!

The First battle a CRUSADER Knight must wage is against himself, his free will and the temptations this perverted age beckons the weak to feast upon because of their plentifulness. But like gold, Grace is that much more worthy to pursue and that much more rare. That Grace is abundant where men pursuing holiness honor and seek the intercession of she who is the Queen of Heaven and yet was born of the flesh as were we. But she is more than a mere intercessor, she is a tender and loving mother in every sense of that word that men can know but is also known by Our Savior and his elect in paradise.

The first practice of the CRUSADER Knight is thus conforming his mind and thus his will to love and serve, forsaking all others, that Lord and Savior this august Queen, humbled herself to become the Mother of. As he was “for our sake” crucified under Pontius Pilate so for us did she agree to be the first tabernacle that would hold and nurture the Sacred Host that would elevate our fallen nature into an eternal and glorious one.

The Story of Our Patroness

Beautiful statue of Our Lady of Walsingham and Our Precious Lord Jesus, upon palls for pilgrimage

Richeldis de Faverches, Lady of the Manor of Walsingham, was saying her prayers when she received a vision of the Virgin Mary. In her vision, she was taken to the Holy House at Nazareth. It was difficult at that time for Christians to visit the holy land because of their occupation by Muslim forces.

Our Lady asked the Lady Richeldis to build an exact replica of the Holy House at Walsingham and hence Walsingham became known as “England’s Nazareth.”

This was followed by a twice-repeated vision of St. Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus at Nazareth, during which the Lady of the Manor was commanded to build a replica of the Holy House, in which the Annunciation took place, on her own land for the use of the Crusaders as a focus for devotion.

Richeldis gave instructions for the edifice, but the following night she was awakened by singing: she investigated and saw Angels departing and the Holy Hose had been miraculously built.

The statue made to honor Our Lady of Walsingham has many devotions built right in to her!

Traditional Prayers To Our Lady of Walsingham For Her Intercession

The first prayer is for our general devotion and our Patroness’s intercession in Intention 1, 2 and 3. The second prayer speaks directly to Intention 4′ s plea for our families and friends who have departed the Faith and thus our Mother’s protective mantle, to secure their return.

Prayer 1

O Mary, recall the solemn moment when Jesus, your divine son, dying on the cross, confided us to your maternal care. You are our mother, we desire ever to remain your devout children. Let us therefore feel the effects of your powerful intercession with Jesus Christ. make your name again glorious in the shrine once renowned throughout England by your visits, favours, and many miracles.

Pray, O holy mother of God, for the conversion of England (USA), restoration of the sick, consolation for the afflicted, repentance of sinners, peace to the departed.

O blessed Mary, mother of God, our Lady of Walsingham, intercede for us.


Prayer 2

O blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Walsingham, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon us, our parish, our country, our homes, and our families, and upon all who greatly hope and trust in your prayers, (especially…) By you it was that Jesus, our Savior and hope, was given to the world; and he has given you to us that we may hope still more. Plead for us your children, whom you did receive and accept at the foot of the Cross, O sorrowful Mother. Intercede for our separated brethren, that with us in the one true fold they may be united to the Chief Shepherd, the Vicar of your Son. Pray for us all, dear Mother, that by faith fruitful in good works we all may be made worthy to see and praise God, together with you in our heavenly home. Amen.

Our Lady of Walsingham, Pray for us.

Rule and Oath of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Go forth confidently then, you knights, and repel the foes of the cross of Christ with a stalwart heart.  Know that neither death nor life can separate you from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ, and in every peril repeat, “Whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.”  What a glory to return in victory from such a battle!  How blessed to die there as a martyr!  Rejoice, brave athlete, if you live and conquer in the Lord; but glory and exult even more if you die and join your Lord.  Life indeed is a fruitful thing and victory is glorious, but a holy death is more important than either.  If they are blessed who die in the Lord, how much more are they who die for the Lord! Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, letter to Hugh de Payens, liber ad milites templi, de laud novæ militæ.

A CRUSADER Knight of The Most Holy Rosary makes a solemn oath with vows made before God and his peers:

To execute daily devotions to Our Lady of Walsingham; to defend the weak & innocent | to live as virtuous Men of Piety & Chastity in all public acts | to learn and live the precepts of the Confraternity. We begin this Rule with a simple quote from Saint Paul to not revel in the flesh but to die to the world.

But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ; by whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world. – Galatians 6, XIV


A Knight takes this verse from the Apostle as an oath, and commits it to memory because it bears repeating when the charms of Mammon are denied us and his slaves lord it over us and to all that they can reach. Let this secular calumny gird and raise your shield and lift your spirit knowing that this calumny, properly earned in service to Our Lady and Lord is precious currency in heaven.

If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you. – St John, 15 XVIII

Rule 1 – “The Lord freely accepts the death of the foe who has offended him, and yet more freely gives himself for the consolation of his fallen knight.”(1) The Knight stands for and defends the Virtues of Our Virgin Mother and the Promises of Our Lord but standing idle in mere defense is no honor, it is therefore the Knight’s duty to enter the fight, so loudly raging these days, against ascendent, sexual evils, CRUSADING against them, in all their hoary manifestations, at every opportunity. In this battle the Knight resolves to suffer the loss of acquaintances and even family who take up arms against Our Lord and Our Lady with their actions and or denials.

Rule 2 – “I have forsaken my house, I have left my inheritance: I have given my dear soul into the land of her enemies.”(2) The Knight shares company or allegiance with no corporeal entity that by rule or order violates the Laws of God and insults the Immaculate Heart of His holy mother because “all generations shall call me blessed”. There is no higher laud a Knight can earn than to place himself between such wicked institutions and the damage they inflict upon both tender virgins and those, realizing their errors, seek an earthly practice of purity and chastity consistent with their ecclesial station in life.

Below are the Five Intentions to Our Lady of Walsingham, one each for a decant of the daily recitation/intentions of the Most Holy Rosary of The Blessed Virgin Mary; a CRUSADER Knight of The Most Holy Rosary, reverently prays these at least once per day. I composed these through much contemplation, Rosary prayer and imploring the Paraclete for inspiration. Brother Knights have added some beautiful additions which are now contained in this devotion.

These are the principle intentions a CRUSADER Knight of the Most Holy Rosary prays to Our Lady of Walsingham to intercede for us, always appealing for the Paraclete’s intervention as well “to soften hearts and move wills into action”.

Of the First Intention to Our Lady of Walsingham.

For those who hold the legal and legislative power to do so, that their hearts may be softened and their will’s moved to action for the following: To bring about an end to all legal protections for the following mortal sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.





To restore legal protections that have elapsed for:


Of the Second Intention to Our Lady.

To make reparations for the 5 blasphemies against Her Immaculate Heart.

•  Blasphemies against the Immaculate Conception.

•  Blasphemies against her Perpetual Virginity.

•  Blasphemies against her Divine Maternity and at the same time the refusal to recognize her as the Mother of all mankind,

•  Blasphemies of those who seek openly to foster in the hearts of children indifference or contempt and even hatred for this Immaculate Mother.

• The offenses of those who directly outrage Her in her holy images.

Of the Third Intention to Our Lady.

• [short] To bring an end to the cultural protections given to the infamy, continually cast, in all forms of broadcast and print media, in every hour of every day, upon the Divine example of The Holy Family. [end short] We implore the intercession of and devotion to the Holy Family and especially that of the glorious spouse of Our Lady, Saint Joseph. That our young men may take Saint Joseph as their example and pray to become chivalrous and chaste as Joseph was in marriage to Our Lady; courageous and brave in protecting Our Lord from the hordes of Herod and obedient to God as he was in carrying out the circumcision of Our Lord. To Our Mother, Mediatrix of all Graces:

• For the Grace to practice devotion to the Holy Family.

• For the Grace to promote & defend devotion to the Holy Family.

For his holiness of happy memory Pope Pius XI wrote of this very disease and implored the faithful to resist it, in Casti Connubii.

For now, alas, not secretly nor under cover, but openly, with all sense of shame put aside, now by word again by writings, by theatrical productions of every kind, by romantic fiction, by amorous and frivolous novels, by cinematographs portraying in vivid scene, in addresses broadcast by radio telephony, in short by all the inventions of modern science, the sanctity of marriage is trampled upon and derided; divorce, adultery, all the basest vices either are extolled or at least are depicted in such colors as to appear to be free of all reproach and infamy. Books are not lacking which dare to pronounce themselves as scientific but which in truth are merely coated with a veneer of science in order that they may the more easily insinuate their ideas. The doctrines defended in these are offered for sale as the productions of modern genius, of that genius namely, which, anxious only for truth, is considered to have emancipated itself from all those old-fashioned and immature opinions of the ancients; and to the number of these antiquated opinions they relegate the traditional doctrine of Christian marriage.

Of the Fourth Intention to Our Lady.

• For Her Immaculate Heart ‘s triumph:  Over the heresies of Luther et al so that all our brothers and sisters in Christ may be returned to the One, True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Over that most evil and violent of heresies, Islam, for the conversion and confirmation of all muslims to The Faith.

Of the Fifth Intention to Our Lady.

• For the conversion and reversion of our children, siblings, parents and family members who are lukewarm; have fled; or are in active denial, apostasy or persecution of The One True Church. For the promotion and defense of those actively living and promoting The Faith through their secular vocations.

• To pray in solidarity with our Brother CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary for each other’s own personal intentions.

2020 UPDATE 160120 – In this Year of Saint Joseph we will be asking Knights to consider making their Consecration to St Joseph which will begin in on March 30th end on St Joseph The Worker Day, May 1; details and the book needed to track and pray the consecration are coming soon!

You Will Need The Consecration To Saint Joseph Book To Do The 33 Day Consecration With Us Beginning March 30th, Order It Today!

090120 – We have called for all knights to take a vow that 2020 is to be “The Year of Saint Joseph”. This requires us to double our prayers and efforts in honor, asking for intercession and imitation of the Patriarch of The Holy family. Mike Church delivered a stirring  Call to Arms on this initiative here, please listen to and share!

Mandeville, LA – “We live in dark times” is a common refrain these days what is less common, nay, almost unheard is “we’re doing something about the dark times we live in”, that’s where you come in. The confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary unites men in Holy War against evil that has found mass acceptance and even legal protection. Our primary weapon is what Saint Padré Pio called “my weapon”… the Most Holy Rosary.

The King of Heaven, being infinite Goodness, desires in the highest degree to enrich us with His graces. But because confidence is a necessary condition for being heard, and because He wants to increase our confidence, He has given us His own Mother as our Mother and intercessor, and has granted her all power to help us. So it is that He wishes us to place our hope for salvation and every blessing in her. – Saint Alphonsus Ligouri, The Salve Regina, Part III

The Patroness of The CRUSADER Knight confraternity is Our Lady of Walsingham for Her miraculous intercession on my vocation’s behalf before, during and after my pilgrimage to Walsingham. She provided prayed for financial support and fraternal relationships that are still bearing ever increasing fruits. Knowing the history of devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham, these intercessions and our patronage of Her makes eminent sense considering.

Our Patrons: Jacques Cathelineau

Jacques Cathelineau, hero of The Vendee. Click for sharper image.

The Patron of the CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary is the hero of The Vendee: Jacques Cathelineau; Generalissimo of the Catholic and Royal Army (5 January 1759 – 14 July 1793).

Cathelineau was a Catholic, French Vendéan insurrection leader during the French Revolution. He was known among his followers as the Saint of Anjou. We learn of Cathelineau from Wikipedia.

He was a devout Catholic, and supported the Church’s traditional role in French society. His great physical strength, charisma, and piety enabled him to command the respect of his fellow Vendeans.

In the first years of the Revolution, Cathelineau joined the numbers of Vendean peasants disgusted by the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, the draft laws, and the execution of King Louis XVI of France. He collected an army of peasants and waged a private war against the government of the First French Republic.

This uprising came on 12 March 1793, and within two days Cathelineau had a force of 12,000 men, mostly peasant farmers. Their motto: “Long live the King, Long live the good priests! & White cockade.”

The Vendeans ask Cathelineau to lead the uprising, by Jules Gabriel Hubert-Sauzeau, 1900

From the Holy Family Academy:

“The Vendeens had a great deal of initial success, quickly growing in numbers, and taking the city of Samaur on 9 June 1793. In an attempt to continue their momentum, Cathelieau had his Royal and Catholic Army march on the nearby port city of Nantes. This ended in disaster and left him wounded. The zealous commander of the Vendee rising died the next month, in July.”

Cathelineau was made a French noble and his case for canonization was made at the end of the 18th century but has stalled because the diocesan records needed were destroyed during the Nazi occupation in World War II. His body is inside a little church in the Florent of France, the Chappelle Cathelineau. He is buried next to his son, Joseph Cathelineau.

The tomb of Jacques Cathelineau. Though he is not a canonized saint, the Vendee French still venerate him as “The Saint of Anjou”!

Cathelineau provides a striking figure of virtue, piety and CRUSADER manliness. In the portrait of Cathelineau shown above, note the presence of as many supernatural weapons and shields as their are material. 

  • He wields a Holy Rosary with a Saint King Louis IX medal attached!
  • Note that the prominent Crucifix is NOT attached to his rosary, that Crucifix can be clearly seen just left of the second vest button.
  • He has a Sacred Heart of Jesus, made from rough hewn canvas, and pinned to his left lapel!
  • His sword is inscribed “Cathelineau” with a Fluer de lis carved in before and after the name!

In our daily battle against the supernatural and natural evil of this world, let the CRUSADER Knight remember the example of Jacques Cathelineau who placed, God, King and the Faith above life itself. Jacques Cathelineau, oremus!

  2. ibid
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