Day: February 20, 2015

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Martyred Coptic Christians Would Be Denounced As Naive In USA

Mandeville, LA - If you browse to my Facebook wall for the Mike Church Show Fan Page or visit the corresponding story on this site where I asked the question: What is it about the word "peace" that sets "conservatives" hair on fire and causes them to become raving lunatics for war…ANY war? Over 30,000 viewed the post on Facebook and much of the commentary was negative. I had asked […]

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Daily Clip

Blobists Want A National Gov’t There’s No Grounds For Including Declaration of Independence

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Now, it may alter some of the way that common law was applied and used in the federal government in discharging its duties, but it would not alter the common law that the people were living under when they ratified the Constitution.  This is why those farmers in western Pennsylvania were so shocked when they got slapped with the whiskey tax.  Not that that was […]

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Pile Of Prep

Free Phone Friday Pile of Prep-Are Americans Addicted To “War Porn”?

Mandeville, LA - Mike Church's daily Pile of Prep, Welcome to's Pile of Prep, all the materials used to prepare the Mike Church show, 2015 Edition. Are Americans addicted to War Porn? The movies Hollywood cranks out covering war  nearly ALL share common themes, and have for 80 years, is that a coincidence? Read along with Mike's historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform […]

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