Day: January 12, 2017

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VINDICATION: The Obama, Atheist Epidemic Demanded A PUBLIC Response, I Tried To Make One

Mitter Chur, You Had A Have a Good Show Until Now That You Started Talking About Catholicism Mandeville, LA  - Our long, national nightmare is over, the Obama Presidency, yay. So too is the calumny I have tried to cheerfully endure since realizing that our land's problem was and is spiritual, not political, that even if it were political, the politics are but a symptom of the ultimate rot: a divorce from what […]

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Pile Of Prep

Thursday Pile of Prep-The Deep State Strikes Back, “Hold Onto Your Butts”

Mandeville, LA - Today's Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don't cost nuthin'). Sapientia et Veritas -“’There are laws to protect the freedom of the press's speech, but none that are worth anything to […]

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Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia-Mark Twain Applauds Donald Trump’s Critique of “The Press”

Mandeville, LA - [The Press.] "It has defended official criminals, on party pretexts, until it has created a United States Senate whose members are incapable of determining what crime against law and the dignity of their own body is, they are so morally blind, and it has made light of dishonesty till we have as a result a Congress which contracts to work for a certain sum and then deliberately […]

todayJanuary 12, 2017