Day: February 18, 2019

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Trump & The 25th Amendment Coup, Now Do You See The Menace of The Deep State – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, La Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:15 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE Patrick Caddeli has died. 1950-2019 Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 - News of the Church and the World. 6:22 HEADLINE: […]

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What Young ‘Murican Catholic Boys Can Learn From Young Spanish CRUSADERS!

To Listen To The Full Episode Click HERE HEADLINE: ‘We Are The Resistance’ by Rod Dreher The Battle for Spain - “We are not pessimistic, but realistic. The diagnosis is dark, but we are all mature Catholics, we have reached a certain age, we know our catechism. We know the Lord has already won. The diagnosis might be dark, but the battle is already won. The question is, are you […]

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Pile Of Prep

President’s Day Pile of Prep

Veritas et Sapientia - "This is what our empire has evolved to: a messianic state with all the fine ornaments of a cult including temples, ministers, and now a prosecutor, judge, and executioner masquerading as an executive branch. Viewing this perversion of a formerly federal system, a citizen of the old republic now stands at a similar vantage point to where Edmund Burke saw the mobs of the French General […]

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Vox de republica

Thomas Jefferson and the Burr in Obama’s Kill List

This essay and audio recording, written and recorded by: Mike Church ©2014. This work originally appeared at the Daily Caller and is presented in the unedited form Mr. Church submitted in. Mandeville, LA  - President Obama's "kill-list memo" reveals a world of tyrannical political power that used to be the kind of stuff a Jack Ryan would be dispatched to put down in some Baltic republic ruled by an evil […]

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