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UPDATE! – Watch the Opening Title Sequence and see how many wrongly decided Supreme Court decisions you can spot. UPDATE – Patrick Henry speech “…if 12 and a half states had ratified I would give it every opposition” for iTunes added. Full Cast list added UPDATE! WATCH the preview version of Scene 21- In stereo...
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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Don’t tell me you’re trying to conserve the Constitution using the Supreme Court’s convoluted interpretations of it of the last 50 years.  I actually heard, and we have this digital media file, Chrissy Hissy-Fit Matthews had Sheldon Whitehouse, a senator, and Orrin Batten the Hatch, a senator, on “Spitball”...
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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike: As a studier of the republic, this is how you can arrive at a – let’s just call it a lazy man’s way to what is constitutional and what is not.  Take whatever case you think that you’re upset with that a judge has decided instead of a legislature and...
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In my reserach for the sequel to the Fame of Our Fathers – “The Spirit of ’76” I have read lots of stuff about the Constitution and the Ratification debates. M.E. Bradford’s Book of essays contained in “Original Intentions” are some of the best- modern day defenses – of states rights and the fact that...
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Get The Fame of Our Fathers-Mike’s Latest Docu-Drama! – America is still reeling from the debt brought on by war. Unemployment is on the rise, inflation is soaring and a free trade deal that may benefit millions can’t get pushed through Congress. These events should sound familiar to most Americans but not because they happened last year, these...
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Production is under way for the new Mike Church documentary:  The Fame of Our Fathers.  Not only is this production a follow up to the Road to Independence, but it is also the first installment to a three part series on the story of the Constitution.  Here is a sneak peak at how the process...
Read More Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | Email | RSSOn this day 221 years ago, the Founding Fathers gave this country the world’s most important legal document of the modern era, and steered a young fragile nation on a path that would lead it to rise to the world’s preeminent...
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Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Google Podcasts | Email | RSSAnnouncing the Independence Day Project & Begin Mike Church Show Transcript KingDude: I want to mention to you, very quickly, a project that I’m working on, um, and you will reap the benefits of this project on the 4th of July of this...
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