Best of: Republican Big-Government Plan for Healthcare

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    Best of: Republican Big-Government Plan for Healthcare TheKingDude

GOP hopes to capitalize on Disdain for Government by Offering more Government, WTF?

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Mike Church|GOP offers Bigger Government|

(Audio) MANDEVILLE, LOUISIANA Americans disillusioned by the massive expansion of government under President Obamas administration, and those with short-term memory loss who are pinning their hopes and dreams on a landslide of Republicans taking back Congress after this falls elections take note, its still just more CHANGE you cannot believe in.

Indeed, establishment Republicans have released their to-do list and unless you relish suffering from cognitive dissonance while chanting end big government at tea party rallies you will be mightily disappointed. Further buttressing claims that there is little philosophical difference between the two parties save for the route in which they take to achieve their statist machinations, Republicans are seeking to repeal “ObamaCare”, only so they might offer their version of massive government intervention into the health care sector, or for those with an affinity for sound bite kitsch, BoehnerCare.

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: This is it. Boehner and Co. have released a document that tips their hand and tells you where theyre headed and should instruct you that there is no party, none, zero, no political party that stands for limited government, individual liberty and freedom, and the Constitution. They talk a good game, but theyre fakes. Theyre liars. Theyre hacks. So, ladies and gentlemen, if you will stop what youre doing right now, let us have a moment of silence for the Republican Party, RIP. [Monks chanting] Shhh, keep it down over there. [Monkschanting]

And theres your moment of silence. Thats it. The party, literally, is over. How did this happen? Folks, you have got to read youve got to read this. You have to read this. Its not enough that the preamble to this thing is an insult to all of your founding father intelligence. If youre going to quote Thomas Jefferson, then quote him. You dont expropriate Jefferson for your own singular political purposes. I mean, this is embarrassing. But I cant wait to hear the hackery out there, Oh, this is a bold plan. Oh, theyre going to trim a hundred billion dollars out of spending next year. You just wait and see, Mr. Church, a hundred dollars makes a big difference. You wait and see. Were on the course. What are we supposed to do? The empire, as they call it, is striking back [Star Wars theme music]. Id like to see John Boehner in a Darth Vader costume. Id like to see Eric Cantor in one of those Death Star General get-ups.

All right, folks. Let me take you back to last Fridays discussion, to this program, question I posed to Republican Study Committee member, thats the Republican, the RSC, Republican Study Committee, Marsha Blackburn. I asked her, repeal and replace, or repeal and repeal? And some of you people wondered out loud, why couldnt she just why not just say repeal, repeal the damn ObamaCare? Because what we got was a, I dont know, a twisted answer. Now, Senator Jim DeMint said Repeal and Repeal, because I asked him about it. Here was Congresswoman Blackburns answer.

[Clip] Mike: One of the things that we talk about on a daily basis and that I hear on my Facebook page, on my website, in email, is the fear that congressional Republicans are going to attain a majority in January of 2011, and theyre going to adopt something that theyre going to call Repeal and Replace, and that were going to get a federally administered healthcare system, but one that is run by Republicans. Will you say to the audience today that Congresswoman Blackburn, as a member of the Republican Study Committee, is a proponent of Repeal and Replace; or, as Senator DeMint called it, Repeal and Repeal?

Rep. Blackburn: We are for repealing the healthcare bill, and we are for giving power back to individuals to make those healthcare decisions. [Mike: Oh, God help us.] And smart women are the drivers on healthcare decisions in their families. What they want is less government interference, less hassle from insurance companies, more accountability with insurance companies. They want to see tort reform take place. And they want to be able to make decisions for their families about their healthcare with the family physician, not with a bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. And that is what I am for. [Endclip]

Mike:Okay. Did you get that? Im not going to answer the question because weve got this Pledge for America coming out, and were for Repeal and Replace. So now youre going to have ObamaCare replaced, with a couple of internal engine or internal combustion parts, with BoehnerCare or BlackburnCare or CantorCare or WhoeverCare. This is just disgraceful here. Now, either youre for the repeal of the damn thing, and youre for the repeal on principle, which should say that the reason that much of the malady and inefficiency that exist in the delivery of medical services today and the expense of it is because, number one, people dont pay for it. Why dont they pay for it? Number two, because the federal government subsidizes it; number three, because every man, woman, and child that works in that industry is regulated by the federal government, and that is the root of all medical evil.

So what do we get instead, ladies and gentlemen? Here, Ill read it to you. Because apparently you people are just not believing this. I didnt want to believe it, either. Oh, and by the way, we will also get into the massive, massive $100 billion entitlement cut, I mean, $100 billion in discretionary spending theyre going to cut. That will trim Obamas budget deficit for next year from $1.5 trillion down to 1.4. Its a sunny day. It is morning in America again; is it not? Here it is, A Plan to Repeal and Replace the Government Takeover of Health Care. This is from the document, A Pledge to America.

Can we now all end, can we now end the pretensions that human nature is not easily readable, and that you dont have to be a fortune teller, and you dont have to be a soothsayer, and you dont have to have some kind of lofty premonition or lofty ESP to figure out what human nature says that crooked, criminal, political hack politicians are going to do in any given circumstance. Thats how I am able to predict these things to you. I wish I would have been wrong on this one. I was hoping I was going to be wrong. So right here from A Pledge to America, heres what it says, A Plan to Repeal and Replace the Government Takeover of Health Care. There it is, big, giant, bold print, 18 points across the top of the page, unmistakable.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Written by: TheKingDude

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