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22 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Gingrich is heckled at Iowa campaign eventA NEW Low: The Daily Caller invokes Hitler to oppose Ron Paul while proclaiming he has no chance to winRomney is back in lead in Rasmussen Poll in IowaLocal police now have the weapons and training to fight war in our cities LIKE a war

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21 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Iowa Governor Branstad: If Ron Paul wins Iowa then Iowa should beignored-Tom Woods wonders how these people want to export democracy tothe rest of the world when they are in denial of it here Medicare and SS will consume 50% of our tax income in 5 years and yet no oneseems willing to say it and stop it - where is the "Occupy AARP"movement? Through doing nothing wrong, nothing illegal and honoring […]

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20 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Your daily roundup of campaign 2012 news from NRO shows Romney and Paulrunning 1, 2 in NH, Gingrich smoking the field in SC and Paul ahead inIAIf Republicans want to do something about the NLRB they can just not fund it and tell Obama of their decisionWhy are Evangelicals supporting massive wealth transfers disguised as"welfare" and "aid to the poor"? Because they have bought the line that it is government […]

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19 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Michelle Bachmann says Ron Paul would make a very dangerous President because he doesn't understand the threat Iran poses and after all they havepromised to wipe Israel off the map and we're next!Tim Carney predicts, quite truthfully, what will happen to Ron Paul shouldhe actually win the Iowa Caucuses and place highly in NH N.B. to RPCampaign, Carney is UNDERSTATING what is coming your way, are youprepared?Ron Paul vaults into […]

todayDecember 19, 2011 2

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16 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Ron Paul wonders why chickenhawks like Gingrich did not put the uniform onto go and help spread liberty, freedom & democracy when they had achance as he did No question was asked of the GOP candidates on whether or not they wouldsign the God-Awful act of tyranny known as the NDAA bill that hitsObama's desk todayHere is a nice list of other things the Federal Gubbmint can ban while it […]

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15 December, Pile of Prep

DC Examiner Board endorses Mitt Romney for President because "he is electable" and looks really good in a dark blue suit DeceptiCONS lament the "rewrite of history" going on as the Iraq War allegedly ends and all the wonderful things it accomplished are "swept under the rug"One of the sponsors of "Muslim in America" actually watches the show, finds out "it sucked" and pulls their ads Brokesville x2: In 2008 […]

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14 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Just as Ron Paul predicted: Trump bails on the Iowa/NewsMax debate just like he bailed on the Lincoln dinner cited by Paul as why he would notparticipate in a Trump moderated debateMordor on the Potomac bags the bad guys who throw kitty litter in their trash cans...oh the horror!George Will continues his relentless assault on the inevitability of Newt Gingrich as conservative standard bearer and nominee because he should be […]

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13 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Jeffrey Lord just cannot walk away from the Constitutional butt whooping Kevin Gutzman and Tom Woods have heaped on himHelp wanted: more companies that can fail in business yet live to tell their story and try againTwo new Iowa surveys show Ron Paul solidly in second place and NEAR the margin of errorThe latest from today's guest Jeffrey Tucker: How DC killed the debit card

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12 December, 2011 Pile of Prep

Drake University student poll is won by Ron Paul (39%) Romney (25%)TIC-Surerly Dear Leader will give his newest movement that is NOT "class warfare" a name like "The new deal", I propose hew call it the "The deal I Hopechanges them all" Some things you just leave alone and never ever try and copy, remake orimprove upon-like the 3 Stooges disaster coming out in Spring-here isthe trailer Historian, Gottfried says […]

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