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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Ladies and gentlemen, I can sum all this up without having to read the rest of Buchanan, although it’s good reading.  The global elite cabal is much larger, more powerful, and a lot stronger than Donald J. Trump ever thought they were.  They’re not going softly into that good night.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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To get Xi Jinping to help with our Pyongyang problem, Trump has dropped all talk of befriending Taiwan, backed off Tillerson’s warning to Beijing to vacate its fortified reefs in the South China Sea, and held out promises of major concessions to Beijing in future trade deals.

“I like (Xi Jinping) and I believe he likes me a lot,” Trump said this week . . . “I think I can personally handle Stalin better than … your Foreign Office … Stalin hates the guts of all your people. He thinks he likes me better.”

FDR did not live to see what a fool Stalin had made of him.

Among the achievements celebrated in Trump’s first 100 days are the 59 cruise missiles launched at the Syrian airfield from which the gas attack on civilians allegedly came, and the dropping of the 22,000-pound MOAB bomb in Afghanistan.

But what did these bombings accomplish?

The War Party seems again ascendant. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are happy campers. In Afghanistan, the U.S. commander is calling for thousands more U.S. troops . . . [Mike: In other words, the 16-year-old war is now calling for another call-up of troops so we can do another 16 years there. This is madness.]

Iran is back on the front burner. While Tillerson concedes that Tehran is in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Ladies and gentlemen, I can sum all this up without having to read the rest of Buchanan, although it’s good reading.  The global elite cabal is much larger, more powerful, and a lot stronger than Donald J. Trump ever thought they were.  They’re not going softly into that good night.  If anything, they’re digging their heels in and going: Hey, Trump, this is our land.  We’ll sing you a song about America.  This land is our land, from the New York Island.  Michael Brendan Dougherty put it in great words yesterday when he wrote this:


In a White House briefing to conservative media members this week, I listened to President Trump respond to a question about Congress by saying that he has to get everything done without a single Democrat’s vote. “They’re obstructionists,” he said, for emphasis.

That word, “obstructionists,” settled over the room like a cloud, reminding us of how resistant Washington, D.C., is to change. The public wanted or feared that Trump’s election would work like a putsch. He would “deconstruct the administrative state,” as his aide, Stephen Bannon, once put it. But Congress and the courts are an effective bulwark against him. And within 100 days he’s already adopted the pained rhetoric of his predecessor.

[end reading]

Mike:  We’ve been talking about this.  Remember, I’m the guy that predicted that Donald J. Trump would win, without equivocation, without hesitation, even when it looked like it was impossible for it to happen.  I was told: Mitter Church, you need to bail on your predictions; you’re gonna look stupid.  Christopher kept telling me, and Kreslins kept telling me – Mark kept saying: You’re obviously a political novice because you don’t know how to read polls.  The polls says he’s not even going to get close.  This is just not doable, Mike.  Well, the idiots in Great Britain said Brexit wasn’t doable.  Was it?  Uh, yeah.  Back to the point.

There was a brief moment here.  I called this out.  This is not to toot my own horn.  I just want to make some observations here so we know what we’re talking about as we go forward here on this show and other shows.  Maybe you can spread the word out there.  The signal moment that was going to define the Trump administration has come and gone.  Ladies and gentlemen, it already happened.  Real conservatives lost.  The frauds, Cruz and McCain and Graham and Ayotte and all the rest of them, boy howdy, they’re smoking Cuban cigars, popping champagne corks.  They won.

I have an allegory for you.  In early February 2017, do you know what happened?  The real elite cabal, the conservatives that really run the show in Mordor, with an assist from the Dumbocrats – the Dumbocrats are stupid.  They couldn’t do this by themselves.  They have to have the intellectual smarts of the war party to pull this off.  They dropped a MOAB on President Trump.  He didn’t get his shields up in time and lost.  The signal moment, or two signal moments where the Trump presidency was define, I’m going to give them to you.

The first moment was when the judge in Washington State ordered that the entire world, from here to the ice world of Hoth, through the Stargate and back, including all the United States, would ignore the president’s executive order on refugee travel, on travel from Muslim countries.  Why was that a signal loss?  Why was that a loss?  What was the signal loss there and why was it so important?  Because if he would have told – I’m trying to remember the judge’s name.  If he’d told that judge, judge scallywag has made his order, now let him enforce it, then we’d be on, as Kreslins likes to call it, a blue ocean glide path.  Then he’d have done something that none of his predecessors had ever done.  He would have told the Article III judiciary: Test me again.  Go ahead, test me again.  He might have even caused Congress to grow a set of male reproductive parts and then a spine and they might have said: Back off.  We’ll write resolutions ending your district.  How do you like that?  That was point one.  The biggest opportunity squandered was right there, immediately.

The second opportunity that was squandered, and you’re never going to get it back, and that’s when the president caved into the Republican Party and said: Okay, I’m all in with your replace initiative.  He had the opportunity right there to tell: Look, give me a repeal bill and I’ll sign it.  You give me a repeal bill, we’ll repeal it, then you clowns can go in there and try to fix it.  Instead, let’s play ball with Mordorians.  Well, the Mordorians won.  Folks, there have been other challenges that were contributory, but those two instances right there – of course, the sacking of Steve Bannon, as much as I dislike personally Mr. Bannon – I don’t know about his politics because we don’t know what they are, but I suspect that the Trump that was campaigning was a lot more Bannon than Trump, that Trump was a lot more Bannon than Trump was Trump.

You’re now facing, and I’m now facing, a reality.  This is the good news.  He’s not Hillary.  That’s good.  He is pro-life still, I think.  That’s good.  He made a Supreme Court appointment that’s going to probably work out well.  That’s good.  He’s probably going to get a chance to make another one.  That’s even better.  There are good things that can become of this, but that’s the extent of it.  Withdrawing from NATO, as we should, that’s not going to happen.

Did you see the other day that he’s now even said: Look, we’ll stay in your Paris Climate Change Treaty but with a couple conditions.  What do you mean you’ll stay in the treaty?  For what purpose?  Man does not have a handle on the thermostat.  I had a conversation with somebody last night.  I stopped at the golf store to get my putter’s head, the blade re-glued on and put a new handle on it, and then stopped by to see daughter number two at the watering hole.  I had one drink and was talking to some people that were at the bar.  We were talking about the weather in the UK and in Scotland, ‘cause I had been there.  I said I would move there but it’s too cold.  Somebody said something to the effect: I can dress for the cold, but I still don’t like it.  I’d like to get closer to the equator.  I said: You do know that the closer you get to the equator, in most of the world, the more likely you’re going to have to fight something off that can kill you.

Think about that for just a moment.  Where’s the rainforest at?  Near the equator.  When you see one of these snake-hunting shows where they go after the ginormous pythons and anacondas, where are they near?  The equator.  Where the climate is warmer – don’t lecture me about the Sahara Desert.  I can explain that.  It’s not worth the time.  Where the climate is warmer, there’s more life.  Maybe there’s a connection between the climate being warmer and there being more life and the way that the Earth is supposed to work.  The idea that we need to turn the thermostat down – who runs the world?  Who’s the prince of this world?  Moloch, Satan, Lucifer, whatever you want to call him.  Who does he hate?  Man.  He hates man.  Turn the thermostat down around the world and what happens to man?  He’s going to have a hard time growing food for six billion people, that’s what.  Not that this could happen.  The idea is to punish man, to eliminate men.  That’s the idea.

Know what’s at stake here when they jawbone on endlessly about these stupid climate policies, besides the fact that they want to tax you and they want to tax me.  They want access to our pocketbook.  Back to Brenden Dougherty:


The only way to create action is for the Trump White House to act with unchecked executive authority. Like launching 59 missiles into an airbase in Syria or sending ships to the Korean Peninsula. Or using the opportunity of an expired trade agreement to slap a 20 percent “mirror” tax on softwood lumber coming in from Canada. Maybe dairy is next, if Trump’s Twitter feed is a good indication.

But if you long for real domestic reform of the economy, as voters in most of the Western world outside of Germany do, you can’t help but develop a case of Brexit envy.

The government of British Prime Minister Theresa May is utterly crushed by the responsibilities imposed on it by the electorate. They have a two-year deadline to make final the terms of departure from the European Union. They have to come up with a solution for a customs border in Ireland that doesn’t kick up old sectarian fears. They have to protect the concentration of financial firms that makes London one of the most important global mega-cities, and they have to make sure that most of the workers that have come from France and elsewhere on the continent to work in the city can stay.

But Brexit’s tight deadline and its mandate also means that the government must junk or rewrite nearly 15 percent of the statute book. Nearly one-sixth of the laws that govern Britain come from Brussels. It’s a legal revolution in waiting, and they should be thrilled at the chance to do it. Over 12,000 legal regulations of the U.K. economy are just waiting for revision or abolition.

[end reading]

Mike:  Doesn’t that sound exciting?  What do we have here?  If you want a new regulation, you have to take two off the books.  Fantastic.  We’re still going to have a butt-ton of regulations.  The point of this entire exercise here this morning – the whole point of this is, there’s no “there” there when it comes to the Trump revolution.  As much as I wanted it to happen, as much as many of you wanted it to happen – you may still want it to happen.  I wouldn’t be disappointed if it did.  It’s not in the cards.  The reason it’s not in the cards is because of that same thing that we keep talking about over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.  What’s that?  That is the inner circle and the outer circle paradigm.  It’s just cannot be violated.  There’s too many trillions of dollars at stake.  You have absolutely no chance of dismantling this thing.  It will be crushed by its own weight eventually.  We do know this.  I don’t know when but it will.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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