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The CRUSADER Knight Confraternity – A Call To Arms For God, Family And Homeland

The World Needs Knights

A CRUSADER Knight of The Most Holy Rosary makes a solemn oath with vows made before God and his peers: To execute daily devotions to Our Lady of Walsingham; to defend the weak & innocent | to live as virtuous Men of Piety & Chastity in all public acts | to learn and live the precepts of the Confraternity.

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for god.


for family


for country.

“The superior man thinks always of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort.” – Confucius

Knights At Home

Your Family are the “subjects” of your kingdom & like any Good, Holy King, their souls are YOUR responsibility. The CRUSADER Knight leads his family to heaven!

Knights At Work

Where once the workplace was the homestead today it’s likely to be in a far away place equally distant from Christ’s Social Kingship. The Knight is always obedient to his King including at his place of employment.

Knights In Public

In most public places vulgarity, immodesty and vanity are nearly ubiquitous but The Knight takes it as his solemn, civic duty to defend the weak & innocent from these sins by his own example & by action if needed.

Knights At Prayer

The CRUSADER Knight’s most solemn duty is to always place his love of God, Our Lord and Our Lady above all corporeal acts. The daily Rosary, Angelus, Prayers over Meals and other devotions are part of the very fabric of his life. By these acts of Virtue & Humility, The Knight is distinguished from all other men.

The Oath

Recite The CRUSADER Knight’s Creed

“I will develop my life for the greater good. I will place character above riches, and concern for others above personal wealth, I will never boast, but cherish humility instead, I will speak the truth at all times, and forever keep my word, I will defend those who cannot defend themselves, I will honor and respect women, and refute sexism in all its guises, I will uphold justice by being fair to all, I will be faithful in love and loyal in friendship, I will abhor scandals and gossip-neither partake nor delight in them, I will be generous to the poor and to those who need help, I will forgive when asked, that my own mistakes will be forgiven, I will live my life with courtesy and honor from this day forward.”

Attributed to Arthurian Legends

The CRUSADER Knight’s Commitments


Daily Devotion to the Most Holy Rosary and the Confraternity’s 5 Devotions.


A Sweet & Tender Love for Our Patroness and Queen, Our Lady of Walsingham.


An imitation of Our Lord Jesus Christ his Foster Father St. Joseph, Terror of Demons in all acts public and private.


To defend and promote God, Family, Patriam and the private, virtuous intentions of all other Knights.

Our Lady of Walsingham

Richeldis de Faverches, Lady of the Manor of Walsingham, was saying her prayers when she received a vision of the Virgin Mary. In her vision, she was taken to the Holy House at Nazareth. It was difficult at that time for Christians to visit the holy land because of their occupation by Muslim forces.Our Lady asked the Lady Richeldis to build an exact replica of the Holy House at Walsingham and hence Walsingham became known as “England’s Nazareth.”This was followed by a twice-repeated vision of St. Joseph, Mary and the Child Jesus at Nazareth, during which the Lady of the Manor was commanded to build a replica of the Holy House, in which the Annunciation took place, on her own land for the use of the Crusaders as a focus for devotion.Richeldis gave instructions for the edifice, but the following night she was awakened by singing: she investigated and saw Angels departing and the Holy Hose had been miraculously built.

“Give me an army saying The Rosary and I will conquer The World”.Blessed Pius IX

The CRUSADER Knight Rosary

There is nothing more precious, sacred and effective in all The CRUSADER Knight’s skills then his daily devotion to Our Patroness and Queen through the Most Holy Rosary of The Blessed Virgin Mary. The intentions below are to be meditated upon and prayed at the start of every day with the Holy Rosary. Our Lady instructed St Dominic on the power of The Rosary.

“My Son,” she said one day, “do not be surprised that your sermons fail to bear the results you had hoped for. You are trying to cultivate a piece of ground that has not had any rain. Now, when God planned to renew the face of the earth, He started by sending down rain from heaven – and this was the Angelic Salutation. In this way God reformed the world.“So when you give a sermon, urge people to say my Rosary, and in this way your words will bear much fruit for souls.” – Our Lady to St Dominic

Pray the Rosary Daily including the Universal intentions below and your own personal intentions, begging to know and carry our God’s will and remembering always to assure Our Lady and Her Son of your complete love and Trust in them.

Intention The First

For those who hold the legal and legislative power to do so, that their hearts may be softened and their will’s moved to action for the following: To bring about an end to all legal protections for the following mortal sins that cry to heaven for vengeance.

•Abortion•Contraception•Sodomy•PornographyTo restore legal protections that have elapsed for:•Usury

INTERCESSION: Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Hasten to Help Us!

Intention The Second

To make reparations for the 5 blasphemies against Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.•  Blasphemies against Her Immaculate Conception.

•  Blasphemies against The Annunciation & The Incarnation of Our Lord.•  Blasphemies against her Divine Maternity, The Virgin Birth of Our Lord and at the same time the refusal to recognize her as the Mother of all mankind,•  Blasphemies against Her Perpetual Virginity & those who seek openly to foster in the hearts of children indifference, contempt and even hatred for this Immaculate Mother.• The offenses of those who directly blaspheme Her holy name and Her Holy images.

INTERCESSION: Our Lady of The Snows, Pray For Us!

Intention The Third

To bring an end to the cultural protections given to the infamy, continually cast, in all forms of broadcast and print media, in every hour of every day, upon the Divine example of The Holy Family. We implore the intercession of and devotion to the Holy Family and especially that of the glorious spouse of Our Lady, Saint Joseph. That our young men may take Saint Joseph as their example and pray to become chivalrous and chaste as Joseph was in marriage to Our Lady; courageous and brave in protecting Our Lord from the hordes of Herod and obedient to God as he was in carrying out the circumcision of Our Lord. To Our Mother, Mediatrix of all Graces:• For the Grace to practice devotion to the Holy Family.• For the Grace to promote & defend devotion to the Holy Family.

INTERCESSION: Notre Dame Sedes Sapientia, Ora Pro Nobis!

Intention The Fourth

For Her Immaculate Heart ‘s triumph in the hearts of all men:  Over the heresies of Luther et al so that all our brothers and sisters in Christ may be returned to the One, True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Over that most evil and violent of heresies, Islam, for the conversion and confirmation of all muslims to The One True Faith.

INTERCESSION: Our Lady of Fatima, Pray For Us!

Intention The Fifth

• For the conversion and reversion of our children, siblings, parents and family members who are lukewarm; have fled; or are in active denial, apostasy or persecution of The One True Church. For the promotion and defense of those actively living and promoting The Faith through their secular vocations.• To pray in solidarity with our Brother CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary for each other’s own personal intentions and for these Universal intentions combined with the intentions of The CRUSADER Knight Monastery Prayer List.

PENULTIMATE INTERCESSION: Our Lady of Good Success, Pray For Us! ULTIMATE INTERCESSION: Our Lady of Walsingham, Our Patroness & Our Queen, Graciously Hear Us! Our Patron Saints, St Joseph, St Pope Pius X, The Holy Martyrs of The Vendee, Jacques Cathelineau: Pray for us!

The CRUSADER Knight Rule


Rule 1
  • “The Lord freely accepts the death of the foe who has offended him, and yet more freely gives himself for the consolation of his fallen knight.”(1) The Knight stands for and defends the Virtues of Our Virgin Mother and the Promises of Our Lord but standing idle in mere defense is no honor, it is therefore the Knight’s duty to enter the fight, so loudly raging these days, against ascendent, sexual evils, CRUSADING against them, in all their hoary manifestations, at every opportunity. In this battle the Knight resolves to suffer the loss of acquaintances and even family who take up arms against Our Lord and Our Lady with their actions and or denials.


Rule 2
  • “I have forsaken my house, I have left my inheritance: I have given my dear soul into the land of her enemies.”(2) The Knight shares company or allegiance with no corporeal entity that by rule or order violates the Laws of God and insults the Immaculate Heart of His holy mother because “all generations shall call me blessed”. There is no higher laud a Knight can earn than to place himself between such wicked institutions and the damage they inflict upon both tender virgins and those, realizing their errors, seek an earthly practice of purity and chastity consistent with their ecclesial station in life.


  • “But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ; by whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world.”
  • A Knight takes this verse from The Apostle as an oath, and commits it to memory because it bears repeating when the charms of Mammon are denied us and his slaves lord it over us and to all that they can reach. Let this secular calumny gird and raise your shield and lift your spirit knowing that this calumny, properly earned in service to Our Lady and Lord is precious currency in heaven.“If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you.”

The Lapel Pin:

A CRUSADER Knight is identified anywhere in the world regardless of his dress by his display of the CRUSADER Knight Oath Pin. No one outside the Confraternity may don the Knight Pin and only those who have voluntarily chosen this devotion may apply for it.

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