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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Iben Thranholm, her forte is covering the struggling religious, the Christians struggling to remain faithful in Scandinavia, what few of them there are.  Ms. Thranholm has been told by the EU that she has made it onto a list, that they’re watching her.  They have now accused her of being in cahoots with Putin.  Of course, she’s shocked by this.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Iben Thranholm, her forte is covering the struggling religious, the Christians struggling to remain faithful in Scandinavia, what few of them there are.  Ms. Thranholm has been told by the EU that she has made it onto a list, that they’re watching her.  They have now accused her of being in cahoots with Putin.  Of course, she’s shocked by this.  Stefan Molyneux, who is a libertarian, he might even be just an anarchist – I think I’ve met Stefan at an event or two back in the day.  Stefan scored an interview with Iben Thranholm.  He published it two days ago and it made it onto YouTube.  I have part of the audio here.  I just want you to hear her describe how this bureaucrat called her up to inform her – it almost came up like this: Hey, [expletive], you’re on the list.  I got you.  She was shocked by this.  She was like: I’m a Russian spy now?  Are you kidding?  That’s about a minute.  I’m going to fast forward to about the eight-minute mark in the video.

You can find it on the Twitter feed @TheKingDude.  I retweeted it last night.  This is where it gets important because Ms. Iben Thranholm stumbled onto the deceit that is in play in all of these diabolical events that were seen across the amber waves of America made great again.  This is in today’s Pile of Prep today as well.  The forces of Baal or Satan or Lucifer or Mammon or Baphomet, whatever you wish to call them, are not going into the pro-life night softly.  As a matter of fact, when I get to this part of the news digest today, you’ll hear this.  They’re even now retreating into preparations for war, race wars.

What’s really sad is these are white people, for the most part, that see other white people as a threat to themselves and, of course, to minorities.  Why?  Because the Nephilim spawn of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, and Satan himself, Hillary, was not elected so that more babies could die, more mutilations of transgender-types could occur, more invasions and more wars could be waged in the third world by the abortionists and the contraceptionists at the Clinton Global Initiative and all these other diabolical activities.  Evil has been subdued a bit.  They’re pissed, folks.  They’re not happy.  I’ll play the introduction.  Stefan asked her what happened.  Just listen to the description.  In today’s news digest, you’re going to hear a story about how the CIA, in the last hours of Obama – Chairman Maobama couldn’t leave without saying, [mocking] “You CIA guys, you need to make sure you keep an eye on all those people out there clinging to their stupid religions and guns and God and bibles and going to meetings where they’re peaceful.  We gotta keep an eye on them and spy on them when we can, make sure that we can keep them under our thumbs the best we can.”  I’m serious about that.  The CIA spying powers increased via executive order coming up.

Here’s Stefan Molyneux interviewing Iben Thranholm:

[start audio file]

Stefan Molyneux: Hi, everybody. Stefan Molyneux from Free Domain Radio, backed by the good friend Iben Thranholm. She has gotten on a list. I just did this presentation on McCarthyism and the myth that McCarthyism appears to be taking some real shape in Europe. Iben, what has been happening recently?

Iben Thranholm: Well, a few weeks ago, a member of the parliament called me. She’s from the right-wing party. And she called me and she said: Well, are you aware that you are on a list? It is an EU task force called East StratCom who made a list with articles and with journalists that they think are spreading Russian disinformation, meaning that I was labeled as a pro-Russian propagandist. I said: Are you kidding me? I was standing up. I had to sit down on a chair because I was so surprised and shocked. She said: No, you’re on this list, and I need to ask you what kind of relationship do you have with the Kremlin? I said: You’re really kidding me now. She said: No, I need to know if you’re paid by the Russians to write articles. I said: Come on. There is no such relationship between me and Kremlin. Whenever I’ve been to Russia doing research, it has been on my own initiative because I thought it was interesting. I’m a theologian. I wanted to do research on the [unintelligible] and so on. So I said: I’ve paid everything myself. Once the Israeli [?] paid for me because they wanted me to do some programs. I contacted Russia Today to become an op-ed writer and they accepted it. They said: Well, let’s see how it goes. If people like the articles, you can be part of the staff, which is all independent journalists who are writing for them. And since people like my articles, I continued to contribute. And that’s my relationship with Russia. So, since I’m on this list, it’s just something they have interpreted. They never called me. They never emailed me. They never did anything to contact me and say: Hey, what’s going on? We have a suspicion that you’re working for the Russians. Is that true? They never did anything to investigate to have prove evidence that there is some . . .

[end audio file]

Mike:  I went to Iben Thranholm’s website and her bio at Russia Today.  I read her Wikipedia bio.  She’s a theologian.  You know why she went to Russia?  Because the Russian Orthodox Church is making a comeback.  She wanted to go there and study it as a journalist and as a theologian to see what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here.  You can’t even step outside of the confines of these people’s purview and control now, folks, without becoming suspect.  Now, I don’t want to dwell on all the deep state and the spy versus spy and conspiratorial theories that may abound about this.  First of all, did you hear that she said when she got the call – you know how I say: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re standing, sit down; if you’re driving, pull over.  What does she say?  When she got the call she was standing, and she was so blown away by it and shocked that she had to sit down.  That’s what I mean.  That’s number one.

Number two, this is a group that is a subcommittee of the European Union that has been put into action to go and do what?  Find people like her.  From what I can gather, she is a very devout Christian.  I’m not sure if she’s Eastern Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, or what.  She’s very serious about her faith, and she’s very serious about reporting it and giving people the information they need about stuff like this.  And giving Christians information, or those being reinvigorated and re-attracted back to the Christian faith in Scandinavia and Russia and other parts of Europe, of where they may find other people – where two or more people gather in my name, may they pray.  In other words, you and I are being targeted, and we’re going to be targeted.  Don’t think that the CIA don’t do the same thing.

Here’s the real kicker here.  Stefan asked her a question about: What exactly are the charges of the truth?  At this point, the Danish journalist Iben Thranholm tells Molyneux – you’re going to hear a minute and a half or so of what these people purport to be the truth.  This is exactly and precisely what we’ve been talking about here on this show, what you’ve been hearing Brother Andre Marie talk about on his show, what David has been talking about on the True Money Show, and Mark has been talking about on his show, and others have been talking about.  When the Truth is no longer the Truth, when it falls into the hands of those that can define it for themselves, then there is no Truth.  Real Truth, the Truth, does not have an expiration date.  As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have even – with cans of Budweiser beer you get the “Born on” date.  It doesn’t have a born-on date.  It was true in 33 AD; it’s true today.  It just happened to be repeated during the biblical accounts of the mission of our Lord.  Listen very intently to what it is that the truth is according to the enemies of the truth.

[start audio file]

Thranholm: And I also think that it’s quite an irony that – we have been living in an age of relativism. We’re being told that there is no such things as the truth. The truth doesn’t exist. And now the same people who told this truth, they are suddenly the truth tellers. They are putting on a higher authority to tell what is false and what is right. I think that now there is a rule – if they claim that something is false, you can be certain it’s true. Everybody is so confused about what is false and what is right. In an age of relativism, it’s really a big irony right now that we’re fighting for truth. Who knows what is the truth anymore? People are so unable to discern the truth because of relativism. That’s a new problem. It means that people are very easily manipulated because they’re confused. They don’t really know how to discern the truth because they have no moral grounds to stand on, because we have no religion, we have no philosophy. We just have my own feelings, what do I feel like. This is what we have been told for decades now. It’s very, very easy to manipulate people that have been taught there is no truth, and to come and tell them: This is the truth. Now, for me, I also think – everybody says – the political elite and all those truth tellers that are screaming fake news, they are all against Russia. So something must be very good about Russia because they’re all against it. For me now, it is the rule, when they say something is fake, it’s bad, it’s dangerous, well, you should look in that direction because it might be the truth.

[end audio file]

Mike:  If that woman woke up in the morning and said: I’m going to go to say the truth and preach it to the people on the Mike Church Show in America, she would say exactly that.  Did you hear what she was missing?  She said philosophy is missing.  She is exactly right.  We live in an age of relativism.  [mocking] “Little Johnny, I know you were born with an outie, I know.  I know you want to be Jane.  You can do that.  I’m perfectly cool with that, my precious little six-year-old boy.  Yes, yes, I’ll take you to the clinic.  They’ll lop it off and give you an innie.  Yes, little Johnny, you can be whatever you want to be.“  Relativism is not just here.

I also wanted you to hear the part from someone – Iben Thranholm is a Danish Christian theologian who has been placed onto a list by the EU that says she is in the pay of the Kremlin and is being watched as being a spy.  That’s what you get – now, bear in mind – get me Marco Rubio interrogating Rex Tillerson two days ago.  I’m going to try to tie this together here.  Folks, this is so mind-numbingly not coincidental.  What year is it?  2017.  What year did the Miracle of the Sun happen at Fatima?  1917.  That’s 100 years in October on the 13th.  It was one of the prophesies or visions that was granted to Sister Lucia, to those three children in Fatima.  The errors of Russia are going to be duplicated until Russia is consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, meaning until Russia returns back to – if you’re Russian Orthodox, that would mean that President Putin would consecrate Russia to the Theotokos.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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