Motherhood Beats Student Loans Any Day

todayApril 22, 2015

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Strapping Our Children With Mortgage Size Debt

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “Secondly, the problem that we’ve identified today is chiefly a problem of social engineering that has been acquiesced to.  In other words, men and women have caved into it and now have adopted it as a paradigm.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I suppose that one of the ways you could change people’s thinking on this would be to personally tell stories like the one you just told.  Secondly, the problem that we’ve identified today is chiefly a problem of social engineering that has been acquiesced to.  In other words, men and women have caved into it and now have adopted it as a paradigm.  We’ve accepted what our elite ruling masters have told us is the preferred way to live our lives, which is spend significant amounts of our time in these things called vehicles, whether it’s an automobile or an 18-wheeler – although at least if you’re in an 18-wheeler you’re being paid to drive, in some instances in another automobile as well but those are limited – to spend significant amounts of time cooped up in these things called cars, to maintain a fleet of cars.  And in order to maintain a fleet of cars, what do we have to do?  We have to have superior incomes.  We have to have incomes that are robust, vibrant, if you will, profligate.  How do we get the incomes that are profligate?

Gee, they’ve also figured out a way for us to do that.  Go to these things that have been created, allegedly to develop the human mind.  They’re not used to develop the human mind any longer.  They’re now used to develop the human wallet.  University was developed and conceived of by the Catholic Church in the 8th and 9th centuries to develop the mind of young people.  The oldest universities in the world began as seminaries.  [mocking] “No, they didn’t.”  Yes, they did.  Look it up.  Instead today, the same university, or allegedly the same concept is used to grow and nurture the human wallet, which isn’t human at all.  It’s a material possession.  The wallet, metaphorically speaking – what’s in your wallet?  Does anyone actually ever look in their wallet and see if there’s a Capital One card in it?  Few. You probably know what’s in your wallet, and you know metaphorically what’s in your wallet, if it’s Capital One or Visa or MasterCard, American Express, whatever the case may be.  That is a measure of your ability to do what?  Is it a measure of your ability to spend?  I think we’re all born with the ability to spend.  Or is it a measure of your ability to spend on things that you’re told to spend on and then your commitment or your sense of obligation to repay?  It seems to me that that’s what it is.

The point is, most of us don’t send children to schools any longer to train their brains.  They’re trained now for occupations.  This includes our daughters.  I think this is tragic.  I think that if we really believe in female equality and we really believe in women’s rights Mother Holding Baby's Feetand feminism, then why don’t we preach femininity?  Isn’t femininity, isn’t the power to bring a new life into this world, to conceive it, isn’t that the ultimate feminine power?  It’s not that you can go into a voting booth and vote for some clown or vote against some mother clown.  You can bring a life into this world.  In working with Almighty God, you can create life, provide a mortal home for a soul that God will create, as a thank you.  If there’s anything more powerful, wonderful, beautiful, wondrous that man could do, I’d like to know what it is.  Yet we don’t promote that.  I find myself trying to convince my daughters: Okay, look, I know that all your friends are going to college.  Yes, you’re probably going to wind up going, too.  You probably think this is the direct path to get ahead because society has instructed you with this.  Neither one of your parents have forcibly enough countered that argument.  But I can tell them today: Let me attempt to counter that argument, which I have for the past couple of years, to instruct you that you don’t have to do that.  You can actually seek the vocation of motherhood.

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Some of you are listening to this right now and screaming at your radios and demanding to know who the clown is that would ever say something so stupid, so ignorant.  I would say to you: Do you not hold out the prospect that your daughter will someday bear you a grandchild?  Do you not look forward to the prospect that your daughter will bear you a grandchild?  The same person that just screamed at their radio just answered in the affirmative.  [mocking] “That doesn’t have anything to do with it.  Yes, it does.  It has everything to do with it.  Does that mean that young ladies or girls cannot aspire for workplace vocation?  No, it doesn’t.  My point is that we don’t encourage them, any of them to pursue motherhood as a vocation and hope that they find a loving, Christian partner to call husband who will provide so that she may pursue motherhood as vocation.  Pretty good job.  A lot of responsibility with that job.  As a matter of fact, that job probably requires the greatest amount of responsibility and dedication and devotion of any occupation I can conceive of.

It’s not popular to say the sorts of things that I just said.  I’ll probably be accused, [mocking] “You don’t know what it’s like.  Would you tell your . . .?”  As a matter of fact, I did.  Yes, I would, I will.  They are probably going to ignore me.  [mocking] “Would you tell your daughters that, Mr. Church, mister smart guy?”  Again, I did.  As I said, they’re probably going to ignore me.  At least I planted the seed and will try to water it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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