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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  And this is what youre seeing here.  Youre seeing the ultimate misdirection.  Here, listen to this from the Washington Compost here today:  Everyone knew Republicans would try to defund President Obamas signature healthcare overhaul.  Theyve made that clear since taking over the House majority.  And it was no surprise that they would strip federal money from NPR and Planned Parenthood.  Thats been on the to-do list.  But cutting funds for border security and disaster first responders?  New military equipment?  Farm assistance programs?  Heresy.  In a mammoth spending bill that ended up being about principle more than achievable cuts, the Tea Party-charged House Republicans began to define who they are and what kind of government they value.

I really want to know what in the hell these people, what the hell is Philip Rucker writing in the Washington Compost talking about?  The GOP plan to fund the government through September is an assault on bedrock Democratic priorities.  Theyve cut 1.5 percent.  Thats an assault?  Imagine the Battle of the Bulge, attacking 1.5 percent of the German flanks or the German center guard, there.  Would that be an assault?  Or would that be a, here, let me chip away, it might take 60,000 years, but were going to get to Berlin.  This is ridiculous here.  Sane people, reasoned individuals, cannot possibly believe this.  Its all part of the propaganda machine, though.  You see, Leviathan and the people that are depending on the size and scope of Leviathan staying exactly where it is, they want to make this seem like its draconian.  They want to make it seem like its huge, that which is painful.  It is anything but.

Gone, too, are an array of federal environmental regulations and consumer-product safety measures that private industry has long opposed.  Yet in last weeks feverish scramble to shrink government, House Republicans also ran the budgetary buzz saw….  [Laughing] I cant even read it.  This is like reading a piece in The Onion, you know, the parody newspaper?  They ran a buzz saw.  Why, look at that.  1.5 percent.  A buzz saw.  This is like having a block of cheddar cheese, to put this in terms you Wisconsinite cheeseheads can understand.  This is like having a half-pound block of cheddar cheese and taking it, putting it to the cheese grater, you know, the handheld one, and pulling down one time.  Whoo.  Look at the cheese thats on the counter there.  Thats about one percent, and thats all you get.  Were still keeping the rest of the block.  You cant have it.  I mean, who believes, who is digesting this and thinking that this is massive, that this is a buzz saw, that this is going to have an impact?  In other words, just how stupid do they think we are?

I left off with …budgetary buzz saw through costly defense and homeland security programs that their party had historically protected.  They left no sacred cows.  Theyre still going to spend $680 billion Defense Department dollars, you idiot.  We held no program harmless from our spending cuts… said Rep. Harold Rogers.  Now, remember, Harold Rogers was hailed as the king of pork from Kentucky.

The $1.2 trillion bill, which includes historic cuts totaling more than does anybody have a drum roll?  Drum roll?  [Vocal drum roll]

(Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – In today’s transcribed clip, Mike’s got in his hand a piece from the Washington Compost by Philip Rucker and he’d like to take the time to read it to you as well as give to you his personal commentary right along side it. The argument sounds like this – "everyone knew republican’s would trying to defund President Obama’s signature HealthCare overhaulbut cutting funds from border security, and disaster first respondersheresy!"

Yes, that sounds about right – heresy. But folks, the actuality of it all is merely a game. It all revolves around which side wants to move that pawn piece first – and if they do will they take the allotted maximum of 2 spaces or will they be satisfied with just one. It’s all part of the propaganda system. The people who are dependent on the size and scope of Leviathan stand exactly where it is, they just want to make it seem like it’s draconian, huge and painful – when we all know it is anything but.

On the topic of the so-called cuts Wisconsin is attempting to implement, it turns out that there won’t be any cutting of the vast public workforce, which is what every State as well as Big Gubbmint should be doing, but instead a mere 4% was shaved from paychecks. Talk about cuts, huh? This is all window dressing folks, the fact still remains that Republican DeceptiCONS are just as infatuated with Big Gubbmint as the Liberal Left-O’s out in Libtardia – it just sounds good when they pretend these pressing issues are worrisome for them.

$61 billion, passed the House on Saturday and now careens toward an uncertain future in the Senate.  I mean, listen to the prose here:   buzz saw attack, draconian, careening towards.  I mean, it really sounds like the End of Days, doesnt it?  I mean, it sounds like, seriously, you people out there better start looking for the fabled Maytag refrigerator, the former box that held a refrigerator in it so that you can move into your new home underneath an overpass because disaster is right around the corner here if these guys get their way.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.  Now, Im reading this to you just to illustrate the point that Im trying to make here, that Leviathan and its lieutenants have dug their heels in, and theyre trying to make it sound like Wisconsin is a last stand.  Anybody thats falling for this, though, really, seriously, please call me and let me disavow you of the notion that anything of substance is afoot here.  This is all window dressing here.  Fact of the matter is, is that Republican DeceptiCons love the size of government as much as Dumbocrats do.  They just like to talk the game.  They like to tell you that they want to, Why, we want to shrink the size of government.  Well, why dont you do it, then?

In making deep cuts to programs historically supported by their party, House Republicans sought to establish credibility on the one issue they think matters most:  cutting the size of government.  But they also left themselves open to criticism from their constituents, especially the independent voters who propelled them into the majority last fall, who may be alarmed by the breadth and impact of the cuts.  In other words, theyre p-ing off, they are angry, and you Tea Party types, they cut $61 billion.  I thought they were going to cut $610 billion.  Youre only off by a factor of 90.  The only guy thats even close to getting this right is Rand Paul.  Hes only suggested 500 billion this go-around.  I think he would suggest more, but hes only suggested 500 billion.

So now and, now, notice the subterfuge here.  Notice how this has now gone from, why, the people that oppose this, this is going to hurt so many people.  Taking a buzz saw to it is draconian, its extreme and what have you.  They have now turned, the writer has now, for the Washington Compost, this is not some neighborhood newspaper, this is the newspaper that these fools read, they hope that you read it, they have now turned the language from one that would suggest that this is something that needed to be done, and that you pe
ople out there that elected these people supported, and they have now turned this weak-kneed, lame-ass attempt or excuse for reining in government into something that even you cant support.  Even you cant support, why, Tea Partiers cant even support this.  This is just so over the top.

Again, to rephrase, and to just recap todays stirring, brilliant, earth-shattering, groundbreaking, trend-setting monologue here today.  Lets go over this again, class; shall we?  The state of Wisconsin, where all our attention is focused, is going to make the deal that the teachers unions are rabble-rousing in the streets, saying theyre not going to.  This is a foregone conclusion.  Its going to happen.  When the deal is consummated, and when it is made, it will help that state bring its budget into balance.  But as I continue to demonstrate to you, that is contingent upon that state still suckling off the federal teat to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars every single, solitary year.  Also, the size of the workforce, by the governors own admission  you people, you elected Scott Walker as your governor of Wisconsin to do what?  To make a deal with the teachers unions and make them pay for their benefits?  Or did you elect him and that legislature to shrink the size of the state government?  I dont know.  I dont live in Wisconsin.  I wasnt following it that close.

If you elected him to shrink the size of government, well, then, hes going to fail because, by his own admission, and by the campaign rhetoric, and by the propaganda that were hearing to support the measures, the whole point of getting the teachers to concede is so that he doesnt have to shrink the size of the state government.  The light bulb just went off in Young Nics head.  He just went, Wow, why didnt you say that to start with?  Because I have to keep the audience for an hour.  I cant give them the money shot till the end.

So if the goal of the initiative here is to keep the exact same amount of state workers, lets just pay them a little less, or make them pay a little bit more for what they have, youre not shrinking the size of government.  Youre changing the pay structure, but youre not shrinking the intrusiveness, the meddling in your lives.  Its all still there.  They just have to pay a little bit for their pension and their health insurance.  Now, thats progress that Jefferson and Madison and John Taylor of Caroline and Dudewig von Mises and Hayek and all the rest of them would approve of.  Thats shrinking government there, baby.  Theyre going to do the exact same thing at the federal level, and theyre going to keep doing this until the money runs out; until the first foreign creditor says, We aint loaning you any more money, dude.  Were not buying any more of your bonds.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

2011 Mike Church Show 


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