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The Church Doctrine Episode 2 – O Brother, Wherefore Art Thou?

micThe Church Doctrine Episode 2todayApril 18, 2024 23

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    The Church Doctrine Episode 2 - O Brother, Wherefore Art Thou? The Church Doctrine Episode 2

The Church Doctrine Episode 2 – O Brother, Where Fore Art Thou?

“The ‘Doctrine’ is a return to the long-form, uninterrupted interview/hangout format we popularized during The CoronaDoom. There are no preset clocks, timed limits or commercial breaks; it’s just me hanging out with the brilliant, hysterical, important and sometimes even, holy folks I have been blessed to meet and interact with these last 32 years in broadcasting!”

Listen to The Entire Episode Here.

Mike Church sits down with Brother Andre Marie M.I.C.M. and hears of Brother’s early years in New Orleans, how he came to become Brother André Marie and the amazing stories of who his spiritual and vocational guides were, Fr. Leonard Feeney SJ and Brother Francis Maluf M.I.C.M.!


  • Life in the New England township paradise that is Richmond N.H.
  • Where Y’at Bra!? Brother’s early life growing up in New Orleans
  • The Story of Fahkri Maluf
  • Fahkri meets Dr. Charles Mallik
  • Brother Francis Comes to the USA
  • Brother Francis goes to Boston Meets Fr Feeney
  • Why Was Fr. Feeney so controversial?
  • “Extra ecclassiam nulla salus”
  • The Saint Benedict Center begins teaching Philosophia Perrennis
  • Why Philosophy is the most important thing you can teach your children
  • James Corbett-Anarchist and “meta-narrative” genius
  • Why Christians desperately need a meta-narrative
  • Voting still matters in ‘Muricah and here’s why
  • Epilogue – Is God back in “smote-mode”?
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