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Trump Crushes Deranged Haley In South Carolina

micMike ChurchtodayFebruary 28, 2024 9

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    Trump Crushes Deranged Haley In South Carolina Mike Church

President Donald J. Trump crushed the deranged Nikki Haley in her home state. That should have been the headlines across the country, but that is not the world the main stream media or Nikki Haley lives in.  Instead they said that Haley won 40% of the Republican vote. It is this delusion of grandeur that Haley cites as her reason to stay in the race.  Mike Church reveals the world the mainstream media and Nikki Haley lives in. He also exposes how Haley shapes the narrative and the statistics to continue her race to be the nominee.  He also reveals who and why she must continue. Learn that and more on this episode of the New Christendom Daily. 


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