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Founders Television

2012 Constitution Day – Interview with Brion McClanahan

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio - Join us on our 2012 Constitution Day Extravaganza for this special [r]epublican radio podcast interview with Professor Brion McClanahan. Stay tuned for more Constitution Day interviews from Kevin Gutzman and Bradley Birzer for Founder's Pass members. If you're not a Founders Pass member… sign up now!

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Daily Clip

We Need Brave Men

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - People today are risk averse, which is why you hear carping, crying, whining, bitching and complaining when people like me or Tom Woods or Marshall DeRosa or Kevin Gutzman or Jack Hunter or any of us bring up Article V amendment convention and actually say, “This has got to stop and we’re going to stop it right now. We’re going to have […]

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