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Founders Television

Maybe You Didn’t Hear? Ron Paul Won the Louisiana Caucus

MANDEVILLE, LA - EXCLUSIVE  VIDEO & AUDIO - If you were too buy watching FOX News this weekend you may have missed the news that Ron Paul secured almost all of the delegates from the state of Louisiana in this weekends caucus. Well, what does this mean? Now these delegates get to meet at the national convention in Tampa to choose who represents the state. They also meet to write […]

todayApril 30, 2012

Church Doctrine

Louisianans Can Restore Their Republic But ‘Dey Gotta Vote

  Louisianans Can Restore Their Republic But ‘Dey Gotta Vote ©2012 Mike Church There is an election going on this weekend in LA that few people know about and that is a shame. What turns the shame to an outrage is that this election has profound implications on how this state and maybe The Mobocracy we let pass for a union is governed, it is called the Louisiana Republican Caucus*. […]

todayApril 25, 2012