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Kanye West is no God


Good Can Come Of The Evil That God Does, But Only Evil Comes From The Evil That Lena Dunham Does

Mandeville, LA - The Church Doctrine Episode 28 - Mike continues his exposition of the terribly immoral belief that because we're 'Muricans, we can perpetrate horrendous acts of evil and they are "moral" because we fantasized there was some "good" that would come of them. Catholics should know better but they don't. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHURCH DOCTRINE VIDEO FEED Taken from today's Mike Church Show on The Crusade Channel; Live […]

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You’re Not Proud Your Daughter Is Riverdale’s Favorite Slut So Why Are You Proud She’s A Lesbian?

Mandeville, LA - New Church Doctrine Video: You're Not Proud Your Daughter Is Riverdale's Favorite Slut So Why Are You Proud She's A Lesbian? The UNbrella Corp's lgbqTVirus's spread is now a pandemic. Infected Catholics express love and acceptance of child Sodomites because they have no clue what The Catechism says about mortal sin and sex, thinking Sodomy is a "lifestyle choice" but "train" sex with the football team is […]

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How 2 Persian Brothers Make Miracle Water For Catholics

Mandeville, LA - Church Doctrine Episode 23 - Mike Church takes you on an entertaining, exciting and inspirational history tour of the lives of Saint Abdon and Sennen, Catholic martyrs from the 3rd century. Learn about the amazing stand for The Faith and then of their relics journey from Rome to France where they still perform miracles to this day! SUBSCRIBE TO MIKE'S CHURCH DOCTRINE VIDEO CHANNEL

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Modernists Were Wrong – Part 1

FOLKS, a message from Mike - The Audio Clip of The Day files, Project 76 feature presentations, Church Doctrine audio & video clips and everything else on this site are supported by YOU. We have over 70, of my personally designed, written, produced and directed products for sale in the Founders Tradin' Post, 24/7,  here. You can also support our efforts with a Founders Pass membership granting total access to years of My work […]

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Church Doctrine

Why Does “Mary Stand” With Planned Parenthood?

Why Does Mary Stand With Planned Parenthood? ©2014 Mike Church Mandeville, LA - The hapless New Orleans media was on full display last night in the U.S. Senate race “debate” between challenger Colonel Rob Maness and incumbent Mary Landrieu. Missing in action, again, was vapor-candidate Congressman Bill Cassidy. A seat in the Senate represents one of two Louisiana votes on $4 TRILLION worth of federal largesse per year yet there […]

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Keystone Pipeline commentary

Church Doctrine

Church Doctrine – A Government Of The Prostitutes For The Prostitutes

Today's Church Doctrine - A Government Of The Prostitutes For The Prostitutes ©2014 Mike Church I'm Mike Church with today's Church Doctrine. Surfing the internet can be a bewildering experience. The use of cliches and catch phrases is as ubiquitous as poor grammar and bickering that would never take place in a barber shop. I also find the American public woefully unaware of their current political systems. For example, if […]

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Church Doctrine

Judging Schools Not By The Color of Their Paint But The Content of Their Pupils

Mandeville, LA - Church Doctrine - Just 1 day after the anniversary of Reverend Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech I can happily report to you that when it comes to education, there are blacks and whites who agree that our efforts should be judged by the content of the results not the color of the participants. Ken Campbell is the President of a group called Black Alliance […]

todayAugust 28, 2013

Church Doctrine

Notes On The Road to Perdition

When most people think of the Dutch they conjure up images of young boys on paint cans with thumbs ready to plug a leaking levee. Yet it was a Dutchman, one Johan Cruyff who coined the phrase “Coincidence is logical”(1). Today I not the coincidence between news stories. The first is that McDermott International is mothballing its Morgan City manufacturing facility and heading for the green with profitable waters of […]

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