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The Ice Age Cometh And The Nine Times Rule Says Its The Sun & Our Orbit Responsible

Mandeville, LA – Originally published on Dec 9, 2013. THIS POST IS NOW UPDATED AS 2018 BEGINS A NEW, LITTLE ICE AGE. URGENT UPDATE - Please see: Gradual onset of the Maunder Minimum revealed by high-precision carbon-14 analyses. Since 2010 I have been explaining and warning that the threat to humanity is not the Earth warming but from the Earth dramatically cooling as it does with such regularity you can set […]

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Daily Clip

Mike Church Show FREE PREVIEW-The 1st Church of Pagan’s Synod On Climate Meets in France

Mandeville, LA - The planet is not setting itself on fire and if it were the politico goons at the Paris Summit couldn't stop it. Mike does this hour on what he calls The First Church of Paganism's Synod on The Climate. Attended by the Bishop of Mordor (Bishop Obama), the Bishop of France is Burning (Bishop Hollande) and the Bishop of Bullsh•t AlGore. Mike blows the lid of the Climate […]

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Keystone Pipeline commentary

Church Doctrine

“Man-Made” Climate Change Is A Deadly Excuse To Steal Wealth

Mandeville LA -The planet that we are blessed to inhabit does not have a thermostat on it for humans to set at increased or decreased “global” temperatures. But don’t tell that to the witch doctors working for the hilariously mis-titled Natural Resources Defense Council or the Sierra Club which spends most of its time suing people in places that aren’t the Sierras. We must be reminded of these common sense […]

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Global Warming? Nope, Global Cooling Is Here

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – You may have noticed it’s a little chilly out there. Yes, it has gotten a bit cold this spring. As a matter of fact, it’s gotten so cold. (How cold is it?) Thanks for asking. It’s so cold that according to Real Science website, which is tracking temperatures via the University of Alabama Huntsville’s GISS satellite system, if the trend holds through May, as […]

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Founders Television

Climate Change We Can Believe In

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - Is Obama really egotistical enough to believe that we, in our tiny miniscule existence compared to God and nature, can change the planets cycles? Does he really want us to go into another Ice Age? Practically nothing can survive during an Ice Age. If it warms up a little bit, that's fine, we'll adapt and crops will probably be more plentiful in […]

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