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Constitution Day: A Convention To Begin on The Second Monday of May Next

Whatever happened to the vaunted, high brow, British culture? It was savagely corrupted and tolerates tragedies today it could not imagine 2 generations ago "Girls in outer space with lasers will prevail" - the legacy in letters of Gore Vidal to Bill Kaufmann Pat Buchanan: Time to come home from the Middle & Near East The filmmaker of the latest "we hate the prophet & his religion" movie is questioned […]

todaySeptember 17, 2012

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Ray of Hope for Romney!? The CEO Channels Basis of Higgs “Crisis & Leviathn” in CNN Interview (yay)

Anthony Gregory: The "Progressives" have betrayed civil liberties they used to champion Books You're Not Supposed To Read: Justin Raimondo reviews the brilliant pessisimist Gore Vidal's book on the Founding Generation and what it was REALLY like (note to DeceptiCONS, the anti-war positions of the framers are well fleshed out by Vidal) Where the jobs aren't: As I have been telling you the infaltion monster is what is eating the […]

todayAugust 6, 2012 1

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The Last [r]epublican, Gore Vidal, RIP

Gore Vidal played the the professor who lectured Joe Pesci on the Constitution in "With Honors", he was one of the U.S.'s great men of letters He would return us, if possible, to the pure republicanism of early America - Jay Parini on Vidal's "Selected Essays" Randerference: Rand Paul, in his greatest feat of political navigation yet, guides Paulbots to Romney while beefing up the Tea Party VIDEO: Ron Paul's […]

todayAugust 3, 2012 1

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When Chicken Becomes Scott Brown- Chick Fil-A Will “do it” for Conservatives, Like Scott Brown Did

Chick Fil-a protests: "An experience of community that you rarely have these days" - sums up the reports flowing in from around the US of A What "Support Chick Fil-a Day" REALLY means: 10 million people, tired of being told that the way they think is a crime against PeeCee humanity, struck a blow for free expression, regulated by Christian doctrine FLASHBACK: Clint Eastwood doesn't give a ****** about gay […]

todayAugust 2, 2012