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Headed Into The Trenches With CRUSADER Women – Becky Carter, Megan Schrieber Interview

Mandeville, LA - Special Guest Megan Schreiber & Becky Carter from Helena Daily Thriving in the Trenches Story of how they ended up with Carrie Gress Becky Carter’s reversion story - My husband had an Epistemological Crisis. Once I opened those doors it was like a flood gate and I was all in! My parents never stopped praying for me. Megan Schreiber - had issue with what was being taught in […]

todayApril 23, 2018 4


The Cult of “I’m A Nice Guy” Is For Weaklings – Mike Church Show 26th Anniversary Show

Mandeville, LA - Mike celebrates the 26th Anniversary of the launch of the Mike Church Show on April 21st, 1992! Mike wastes no time diving right in to the continuing outrage of the #FakeNews - chemical weapon attack in Douma, Syria - has been proven to be. After 26 years of laying his opinions and career on the line everyday Mike contends that the "cult of the nice guy" has […]

todayApril 23, 2018