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The Mike Church Show

Madison’s Account of the Bill of Rights – by Kevin Gutzman

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - The Bill of Rights is coming around at a time when Rhode Island and North Carolina are refusing to ratify. They’re still terrified of the new government. Do you really think the first ten amendments were put in there so the federal government could order the states about? It’s just ridiculous. Of course, I understand many of you have been bludgeoned over the head […]

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Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia – There Is no Left Or Right Because All Power Goes To 1 Place: Mordor

Mandeville, LA - By the early twenty-first century, Americans had become accustomed to, even took for granted, virtually everything against which George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had warned: gigantic public and private debt, a massive national government, entangling foreign alliances, a standing army, undeclared war in the form of military interventionism, the destruction of American agrarianism, and the list goes on. Ascension to national legislative, executive, and judicial hegemony of Democrats […]

todayNovember 2, 2017 1

Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia – Jefferson’s American Union Died In 1861, We’ve Gone ‘Muricah Ever Since

Mandeville, LA - [Editor's Note: Melvin E. Bradford was a titan in the stand made against Leo Strauss and his army of faux intellectuals responsible for the rise of today's neocons and the religion of 'Murican Exceptionalism". Bradford wrote this essay in the late 1990's. - Ed. M.C.] "Predictably, Jefferson’s Union did die­ in 1861. And in the latter stages of its ruin, the connection between blacks and American millennialism intensified. With […]

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Founders Corner

Thomas Jefferson’s First Inaugural Speech

Inauguration Speech of Thomas Jefferson 4 March, 1801 Friends and Fellow-Citizens: CALLED upon to undertake the duties of the first executive office of our country, I avail myself of the presence of that portion of my fellow-citizens which is here assembled to express my grateful thanks for the favor with which they have been pleased to look toward me, to declare a sincere consciousness that the task is above my […]

todayJanuary 20, 2017 2

Founders Corner

Jefferson Inaugural “Don’t Steal Labor’s Bread”, BLM Has Lots of Stolen Bread

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript –"I want to read to you from Thomas Jefferson’s inaugural address, just one paragraph.  This has great bearing on the situation out there in Nevada, in Clark County, Nevada with rancher Cliven Bundy and the tyrants of the Bureau of Land Manglement executing the orders of a federal judge tyrant who is following up on the edicts issued by tyrants in the Clinton administration, which […]

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Pile Of Prep

Tuesday Pile of Prep-Why Do We Take The Media’s Opinion That Trump Is Always Wrong!?

Mandeville, LA - Today's Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don't cost nuthin'). Sapientia et Veritas -"If this opinion be sound, then indeed is our constitution a complete felo de se. For intending to […]

todayJune 7, 2016

Veritas et Sapientia

Veritas et Sapientia- “Liberal” Admits Truth About Our Godless Constitution That Conservatives Deny

Mandeville, LA - (To characterize Ms. Allen's writings as "wisdom" would be an insult to Our Lady the Seat of Wisdom, however, this Memorial Day weekend needs a countervailing emission of Truth against the jingoists deifying the Founders and the Constitution that brought forth much of the unJust war, whose casualties we will mourn. - Mike Church, Editor.) In their fascinating and eloquent valetudinarian correspondence, Adams and Jefferson had a […]

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Our Fallen World

DC McAllister - Transgender Restrooms In North Carolina Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "In our fallen world, we’ve chosen to imitate the girl on the cover of Cosmo.  We tell our children: You want to be like the baseball player, the football player.  That’s fine to desire vocations, don’t get me wrong.  We have our models all out of whack here.  You’re going to get screwed-up people and screwed-up […]

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Pile Of Prep

Veritas et Sapientia – Jefferson Explains Why We Should BUY Our Own Villages

Mandeville, LA - [Editor's note: the following is excerpted from a letter written by Jefferson to John Taylor of Caroline County, available as a Project '76, Audio Webisode here.]  "I see in it much matter for profound reflection; much which should confirm our adhesion, in practice, to the good principles of our constitution, and fix our attention on what is yet to be made good. The sixth section on the […]

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