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Interview With Brion McClanahan – Abbeville, Lincoln, Roads, And The VA

Interview with Brion McClanahan (author of Forgotten Conservatives in American History) Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "Let’s talk about the Abbeville Institute for a moment or two.  I discussed a little bit of a recent essay that you posted up there at The Abbeville Review, which is, “Democracy, Liberty, Equality: Lincoln’s American Revolution.”  The subject that’s covered here -- we’re talking about the expansive power of the president when it […]

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What Fills The Void Where “good” Once Resided?

As Tradition Is Escorted To The Door, Evil Comes Across The Threshold To Replace It Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "You ought to do all that you can to try to abide the rule and encourage others to do that.  We do the exact opposite.  We tell people: No, no, that’s not a real rule.  That’s one of those fuddy-duddy rules, you know, when those Christian cats used to run […]

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Founders Television

American Statesman – George Washington’s Writings

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Video and Audio - The American Statesman series brings us many of George Washington's writings which were converted from his hand written notes to type by Henry Cabot Lodge, which he did all by hand (no copying and pasting from Wikipedia). Cabot Lodge also edited several other books on famous (and some not so famous) Americans, and what made these books unique is that they were […]

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