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The Cult of “I’m A Nice Guy” Is For Weaklings – Mike Church Show 26th Anniversary Show

Mandeville, LA - Mike celebrates the 26th Anniversary of the launch of the Mike Church Show on April 21st, 1992! Mike wastes no time diving right in to the continuing outrage of the #FakeNews - chemical weapon attack in Douma, Syria - has been proven to be. After 26 years of laying his opinions and career on the line everyday Mike contends that the "cult of the nice guy" has […]

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We Beg Girls to Hormone Up With the Pill But Ban Boys From HGH

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Our government is now involved in the process of life and death, basically in deciding who lives and who dies at creation and afterwards, while still a part of the young woman. All the while, it’s subsidizing and by law bringing all of this into effect. Does this sound like something out of a horror movie, something out of a dystopian future that you […]

todayDecember 13, 2012 1

Daily Clip

Fluke Flunks Out of Life, Embarrasses Human Race

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Transcript - When I was watching Sandra Fluke, I was feeling as though I was watching anger.  She was angry.  She was mad.  She was pissed.  She was livid.  Those eyes were cutting daggers of venom.  She was telegraphing to anyone that was at home watching that if any of you think that this country and these people in this country are ever going […]

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Founders Television

Interview with Kevin Gutzman on History of Religion in Government

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Audio and Video - On today's [r]epublican radio podcast, Dr. Kevin Gutzman, author of "James Madison and the Making of America", joins Mike to discuss the history of religion and American Government. This is, of course, in the wake of the DNC kicking God to the curb last night. If you have a Founder's Pass you can listen to the entire show, where Mike talks about […]

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