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“We The People” Created The Monster Called Gov’ment – The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show - Season 2, Episode 541. HEADLINE: "Parkland Underscores How Americans Pay For Garbage Government While Doing Its Job Ourselves" by Joy Pullmann Irony of all of this - government can do this b/c it has authority. All the things Pullmann is citing here can be done b/c WE gave it the authority to do so. Government is FAILING at the authority we have given […]

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We’re Better Off With A King- Patrick Henry Was Right

The Fraud Of Libertarian Views Of The Constitution Exposed By Patrick Henry Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – "This is the exact opposite of what the fairy tale history books tell us about the cradle and the birth of liberty.  Historian Lance Banning has a book and it’s just blasphemous, “Sacred Fire of Liberty”: This is James Madison summoning forth from the ethereal – the penumbras that we have emanating […]

todayJune 2, 2015 3


The Power Is With The People But We Have To Reclaim It First

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Franklin, you have swallowed whole, my friend, the red versus blue, right versus left, liberal versus conservative, Republican versus Democrat propaganda. It is nothing more than propaganda, my friend. They’re all equally corrupt. They are all equally and dispassionately involved in the redistribution of mammoth amounts of money that does not belong to them. They all routinely violate their oaths of office. They all […]

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Hate Mail: “You Idiot! ‘We The People’ Nullified States Rights

frequently receive hate mail from this letter writer with nearly all of it being very similar i.e. "...hey, IMBECILE! The SCOTUS has ruled for We The People on the _____Amendment making it applicable to_________ and even the little Martian looking Quisp dude; so, why don't you take your treason off the airwaves and join a Branch Davidian chapter nearby?" Today, I am accused of "sacrificing the BOR to "my flawed […]

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God Is The Answer And Must Be Restored

Mandeville, LA - Exclusive Transcript - Why do they continue to tell us that there really is no God and he has no part in any of our affairs public or private? Why do they continue to tell us that there is no such thing as good manners, because if you exhibit good manners you must be some sort of a chauvinistic, bigoted pig? Why, Mr. Church, why? The why […]

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The Constitution

Who Wrote The Constitution and The Preamble “We The People” Script?

Mandeville, LA -If you have ever wondered which of the Founders who attended the Federal Convention of 1787 actually wrote the text, using a quill pen, of the Constitution, including the beautiful "We The People" script, wonder no more. In this letter, written at the fever pitched height of the Hartford Convention/Secession Crisis of 1814, Morris settles the mystery once and for all. Morris had attended the convention representing PA […]

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