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The Ethanol Tax: No Big Deal, It Only Costs 5 Billion

(Audio) Mandeville, LA -Today’s show clip of the day involvesethanol, which is just another word for alcohol, in this case ethylalcohol. The item in question is the corn fuels multiple subsidies tax,which could cost roughly 5 billion dollars that will most definitelycome from taxpayers like us. Reformers hoped to cut the tax credit fromblending ethanol into gasolineto 36 cents per gallon from the current 45 cents, which is where it was to stand until the new year, instead they’re going to go ahead and tack on another 365 to that.This is not how you cut spending, balance budgets or manage deficits -in case anyone was confused.

It’s obvious the thought has neveroccurred to anyone up where they make these whimsical decisions thatmaybe not everyone likes to run ethanol, or that maybe not every engineis efficient running ethanol. The ethanol extension is the bi-partisanhandiwork of Iowa Senators Harkinand Grassleyand their interest in Agribidness. Folks, even Al Gore himself says that none of the ethanol reforms serves none of it’s advertised environmental purposes.

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The Tax Cut Deal Is The New Stimulus 

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