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Wildfires, Heat Waves, And Giant Vacuum Cleaners, Oh My!

todayAugust 14, 2023 5

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HEADLINE: Biden admin to spend $1.2 billion to VACUUM sky of carbon dioxide by Thomas Stevenson 

  • What ever happened to just planting a tree?
  • I’m old enough to remember when the adults talked about planting trees to save the world b/c they ‘eat CO2’.
  • The New CO2 Sucker!
  • I mean seriously, this is just mocking the American people at this point.
  • Granholm, on Thursday, told reporters that these “projects are going to help us prove out the potential of these next-generation technologies so that we can add them to our climate crisis fighting arsenal.” 
  • “giant vacuums that can suck decades of old carbon pollution straight out of the sky.” 
  • In  addition to removing the fossil fuels from the air, the plants are to be used as a way to develop “a robust clean hydrogen supply chain and workforce by prioritizing clean hydrogen demonstration projects in major shale gas regions” with “regional clean hydrogen hubs.”
  • Serious Question: What is the difference b/w Gru, evil mastermind from the Minions movies, wanting to ‘steal the moon’ and this CO2 vacuum idea?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Mazie Hirono on climate changeThere are whole states where you can’t even use the worlds climate change b/c they still have a head in the sand attitude. Yes there is more that needs to be done. 

  • Complex hydrocarbon – 
  • Hey Senator, how did you get to DC from Hawaii? 
  • Did you fly, did you use a boat? 
  • The same process that makes soil makes oil.
  • You put the same process under pressure, push down on the process that makes soil…add some heat and BOOM….CRUDE OIL.
  • Senator Hirono goes on for 1 1/2 minutes on how this is man made type climate crisis but then at the end she declares this is a natural disaster. 
  • Which one is it because it can’t be both.

HEADLINE: Hawaiian Fires: Fueled by Invasive Grasses, a Wet Spring and Human Ignition Sources by CO2 Coalition 

  • Lightning is rare on Maui. Fewer than thirty thunderstorms rattle across the Hawaiian Islands each year, and most occur during January and February. Accordingly, there have been no reports of an August lightning strike, so it seems doubtful this tragic fire was started naturally.
  • According to Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization, 98% of all Hawaiian fires are started by people, of which 75% are due to carelessness.  Thus, a Smokey-the-Bear type campaign that “only you can prevent forest fires” would help raise people’s consciousness, especially newcomers.  As retirees flock to Hawaii seeking the health benefits of a warmer climate, the population has tripled since 1980, which only increases the probability of a careless fire being started.
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