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09 March, 2011 – The Church Doctrine


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Leviathanitis Is Spreading

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

In February 2009 Newsweek Magazine famously proclaimed that We Are All Socialists Now well if Socialists are soulless, immoral, consumers of stolen wealth then that is more true today than it was in 2009. How can I say this? Simple statistics say that the percentage of Americans on welfare has increased from 10% in 1960 to 21% in 2000 to a budget busting 35% last year and I bet the number is still rising. This is THE symptom of our current economic plight. A symptom of the soul-rot that has infected over 1/3 of our fellow citizens. I call this disease Leviathanitis. Let me explain what Leviathanitis is: the faith that government creates prosperity by picking dollars to spend from its money tree.

Leviathanitis is what you get as government expands and the consumption of other peoples wealth becomes a way of life. When the stigma of accepting handouts which are used to keep the recipients iPhones and DirecTV working. We have a problem beyond the mathematics of budget cutting. We have a deficit of virtue which Leviathanitis has replaced. The little respected truth is that individual responsibility for ones own well-being MUST exist before liberty can. Socialists seem to think citizens have the liberty to consume someone elses wealth which previous generations called theft.

Recently Newsweek magazine was sold for $1 if we keep consuming other peoples wealth, our fate will be the same.

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