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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“GOP leaders decided against trying to use the must-do spending bill to “defund” Planned Parenthood and dropped a House provision to “zero out” Title X family planning funds.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  What has Paul Ryan done?  $286 million is now going to go into the coffers of baby killers.  I read the act, because the people at Planned Parenthood went, [mocking] “Mitter pro-lifer, you’re wrong.  There’s no baby-killing money in there.  You need to read the bill.”  I did read the bill.  I know the response.  Here’s the problem.  The money that is transferred to Planned Parenthood is fungible.  In other words, even though the law says you can’t use the money to kill babies, that money goes into the same account that allegedly goes into mammograms.  Since we know that Planned Parenthood has performed this many mammograms in the past 30 years (zero point zero), they’ve got a machine or two out there they bought.  Do they use them?  No.  Everyone in official Mordor knows this.

I published this last night on the Twitter feed before I hit the hay.  It’s easier publishing things on Twitter, a bit more convenient than Facebook.  I’m not always harangued or harassed by someone on Twitter.  On Facebook, somebody is always popping a chatroom window.  It’s in today’s Pile of Prep.  This is from the AP news wire, “No shutdown: $1.1 trillion agreement shows Democrats’ clout.”  Wait a minute.  I thought the Dumbocrats lost.  How did the Dumbocrats have any clout if they lost?  I’m going to do this little news story and a couple of others today from the point of view that nothing principally has changed.  I even make this point in today’s Pile of Prep.  You can’t change this monstrosity.  Moloch is in control of it.  Beelzebub is running the show.  All parties are in it together.  They’re all seated at the $4.5 trillion all-you-can-eat federal buffet.  One year this group is at this end of the table and they’re munching and dining and chomping down on these fine foods, exotic foods paid for by you and I.  On the other end, those people are eating: Well, we’re not so happy with this end of the table, but we’re not starving.

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The point is, when power is exchanged – we hear this over and over and over again: For 224 years, this country has experienced and has a great tradition of peaceful exchanges of power.  I’m sure it does, and I hope it’s cold milk.  This is why nothing can change.  I write about this in today’s Pile of Prep.  If you want to stay involved in these circles that you’re running in with “conservatives,” and you want to remain active, just marry yourself to the idea that you’re participating in an exercise that is futile.  It’s going to deliver you absolutely nothing other than more hardship and despair, defeat.  There’ll be an occasional “USA! USA!” after we lob a couple more missiles into some unsuspecting third world backwater and proclaim victory.  You’ll get to cheer that.  Maybe Trump will say something to someone or Tweet something to someone that’ll smack them down.  You’ll get to chuckle.  We’re not fixing the sewage factory that we call the American government.  That’s not going to happen anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, I think Chris Ferrara is right.  Last time he was on this show, the last several times, when societies and civilizations get to the point where ours is, the usual corrective that God will apply in some form or fashion is catastrophe, disaster.  I don’t wish for it.  Then again, I don’t get a vote.  God’s in charge and he knows what he’s doing.

I want you to think about this for just a moment.  How much is a trillion?  There are illustrations that you can find on the internet that purport to show.  Some of them involve stacking dollar bills that go to the moon.  Some of them involve stacking dollar bills that can form Empire State Buildings.  One of them I saw, they compared the old Giants Stadium, the Meadowlands, before they tore it down.  You could fill Giant Stadium up with a trillion.  That’s the quantity of paper notes, how big it is.  It’s such a vast sum of paper.  I was going to say money, but it’s not really money.  It’s currency.  Such a vast sum of paper currency that it defies comprehension.

If someone were to say to you – I’ll give you an example.  If I were to say to one of you: Hey, go find a beach somewhere.  Go out on the beach and get a bucket.  Fill it full of sand and one by one start counting the grains.  Let me know when you get to a trillion.  Someone has actually calculated this out.  It takes 1600 years to do this.  That’s how much a trillion is.  If it were possible to do it for eight hours a day for I don’t remember how many years.  You’re probably not going to get to even a million.  In one of his lectures, Brother Francis, in the Philosophia Perennis lecture series, which all gentlemen should consider taking at some point.  Even if you don’t take the whole thing, take some of it.  When he was a child, somebody challenged Brother Francis: You can’t even count to 100.  What makes you think you could even know what a million is?  Brother Francis says: I will prove you wrong.  I will count to a million.  When he’d be walking back and forth to the town or school or whatever, he tried to count.  He tried to keep track.  He’d write down where he left off.  He never even made it to 100,000 in trying to count to a million.  That’s how large of an endeavor this is.

We read stories like this, $1.1 trillion.  That’s awesome, $1.1 trillion.  Where’s my trillion?  Consider, this “funds” – it doesn’t really fund anything; it borrows the money.  This “funds” the national monstrosity that’s perched on the banks of the Potomac River from today, or yesterday, until September 30th.  On October 1st, the new fiscal year begins and the funding runs out.  This will have to be done all over again.  Paul R. Ryan and the rest of the “conservatives” in the Congress will have to go back to the table.  There’s a line in the story from the Associated Press.


Erasing the threat of a disruptive government shutdown, the White House and top lawmakers endorsed a $1.1 trillion spending bill Monday to carry the nation through September . . .

[end reading]

 Mike:  You see that?  “To carry the nation through September.”  No, it’s to carry the nation’s government through September.  Ladies and gentlemen, do you see how the propaganda is no longer propaganda now?  It’s just news.  We have to have $1.1 trillion to carry the nation.  What do I mean?  I’m part of the nation, aren’t I?  You’re listening to this show on the Crusade Channel.  You’re part of the nation, aren’t you?  Mr. Christopher is part of the nation.  Joseph Pearce is going to call the show later today and we’re going to interview him.  He’s part of the nation.  David Simpson, if he’s listening, is part of the nation.  Are any of those people that I mentioned being carried?  You see, the government is now synonymous with “the nation,” thus it’s synonymous with “the country,” thus it’s synonymous with “we, the people.”

I’m going to ask Joseph Pearce about this.  Never forget about the litany of America, our new civil religion, the shining city upon a hill.  America, as moral exemplar.  The empire of reason.  America, the land of enlightenment.  Nature’s nation.  America, a nation uniquely in harmony with nature, etc., etc.  $1.1 trillion, that’s the size of the endeavor.


Negotiators released the 1,665-page bill after Republicans dropped numerous demands on the environment, Obama-era financial regulations . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  In other words, they were not able to do any of these things.  They were not able to get rid of Dodd-Frank.  They were not able to get rid of the things that the Pelosi Congress – you see how smart the Democrats are?  They make things permanent.  What does our Lord say in the New Testament?  I make all things new.  What does a Dumbocrat say in 2017?  I make all things permanent.  Nancy Pelosi said: I make all things permanent.  I’m not going to bore you with the details because, quite frankly, I don’t wish to talk about any of this garbage anymore.  I will give you this detail:


Trump, however, obtained $1.5 billion for border security measures such as 5,000 additional detention beds, an upgrade in border infrastructure and technologies such as surveillance.

While the measure would peacefully end a battle over the current budget year, the upcoming 2018 budget cycle promises to be even more difficult. Mulvaney’s plans to slash domestic agency budgets could grind this summer’s round of spending bills to a halt.


[end reading]

Mike:  Listen to this.  This is the key part.  If we don’t protect the most innocent life, what do we have a government for?  If that’s not the ultimate common good, which is supposed to be the purpose and the be-all-end-all — the ultimate purpose of all government is the common good, the promotion and defense of the common good.  If sparing the lives of the soon-to-be-born is not the ultimate common good, what is?  If you don’t spare the lives of the soon-to-be-born and preserve them or protect them and defend them, then you’re not going to have people to be governed by the next round of politicians, or the next nation that’s going to need to be funded, are you?


GOP leaders decided against trying to use the must-do spending bill to “defund” Planned Parenthood and dropped a House provision to “zero out” Title X family planning funds.

[end reading]

Mike:  There you have it in black and white for all to read and all to see.  Nothing to see here, citizen, move along.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, please!  They’ve done a lot of good for pro-life.”  They can’t even bring themselves to put it in the bill so it could be taken out later on.  Note the language.  Republicans decided against – put another way, it’s more important to rebuild what we’ve destroyed in the third world than it is to protect innocent, human, infant life right here, down the street from where you’re listening to me.  Not to say that if you end funding for Planned Parenthood that you’re going to protect all life, but at least that funding valve has been cut off.  Now Planned Parenthood has to go door to door to raise funds for their ghastly enterprise.  It makes it that much more difficult.

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What did we learn from some of the reporting that Debbie Schlussel did, for example, on Sean Hannity’s former Freedom Concert?  I only bring this up, not to dig at Hannity, but as a point of reference.  If you’re going to raise funds for anything, if you have to actually go out and do it yourself, what are you going to incur to do that?  Expenses.  In other words, you’re going to have to pay people.  You’re going to have to find the resources to secure the funding.  It takes time away from killing babies.  It takes money away from killing babies.  It takes labor away from killing babies.  Recruiting women that will go into clinics to have their babies killed.  In other words, it has a net positive effect.  It doesn’t end it.  Only an establishment of the New Christendom here in North America will end it.  It does knock it for the proverbial loop.  I’ll take that today.  I won’t take it as the end result, but I’ll take it today.  Won’t you?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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