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14 February, 2011 – The Church Doctrine


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So Where is the Line in the Sand: Mordor or Hooterville?

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine

When I spoke at CPAC on Friday night I asked the young people in attendance if they thought they were the first to gather in a CPAC meeting room, surrounded by like minded young people, who dreamed and believed they were going to change Washington and then the world? I assured them that in 1974, in Ronald Reagans first appearance at CPAC that there were just such groups of Reagan Revolutionaries. I then asked whether or not those young folks had accomplished what they came to CPAC to talk about doing?

The answer is a painful no and whats more painful may be that the playing field is even MORE tilted against these young folks. It is therefore prudent to devise a different attack strategy with the goal of attaining different results. I contend that the only workable strategy is to attack Mordor on the Potomac from the outside. That would mean becoming activists in state government and demanding that the states live up to their Constitutional roles as a check against federal tyranny AND cease the acceptance of monies borrowed by the federal government but then spent by the states.

This immediately accomplishes two things. One, it stops the bleeding of red ink and two it compels the people to participate in their local government. This is something the Ron Paul Revolution could succeed at where the Reagan Revolution failed.

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