Day: April 26, 2012

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Pile Of Prep

Government Popularity Shrinks as its Obscene Size Grows

The bigger Obama and Boehner's Leviathan grows the more people find reasons to hate it, hmmm, is there a link? TIC: Jefferson REALLY DID say, write, long for, promote, defend little [r]epublics and here is more proof "But why is it not possible to begin to reverse the trend by concentrating on one’s own locale and region? Perhaps the problem is not that too many roads lead to Rome, but rather […]

todayApril 26, 2012


Lord Acton was a Secession & Southern Supporter

Bologna November 4, 1866 Sir, The very kind letter which Mrs. Lee wrote to my wife last winter encouraged me to hope that you will forgive my presuming to address you, and that you will not resent as an intrusion a letter from an earnest and passionate lover of the cause whose glory and whose strength you were. I have been requested to furnish private counsel in American affairs for […]

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