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Government Popularity Shrinks as its Obscene Size Grows

todayApril 26, 2012

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The bigger Obama and Boehner’s Leviathan grows the more people find reasons to hate it, hmmm, is there a link?

TIC: Jefferson REALLY DID say, write, long for, promote, defend little [r]epublics and here is more proof “But why is it not possible to begin to reverse the trend by concentrating on one’s own locale and region? Perhaps the problem is not that too many roads lead to Rome, but rather that we pay far too much attention to them.”

“Perhaps the problem is not that too many roads lead to Rome, but rather that we pay far too much attention to them.”

UPDATE: The sheople revolt “forcing” Broom Hilda Solis Doyle to withdraw the edict – And speaking of farms, our beloved Dear Leader has asked his henchmen in the Labor Ministry to OUTLAW parents ordering their children to perform chores on farms, Ron Paul thinks this stinks

Round round round round They get around… New accusations or investigations or libations or… The SS ummm Secret Service faces more scrutiny for… you know

The Rove machine revvvs into high gear giving Obama an early least at the quarter poll over Romney in the Brokemont Stakes

The rejection of our own civilization’s traditions proceeds at warp speed as “gay marriage” hurtles toward  mainstream approval faster than Madonna became unoffensive and it was “conservatives” who lost yet another rampart to fashion

The Speech: Marco Woodrow Rubio tees up his “courageous” foreign policy, standing up to all this “isolationist” bullies that he thinks exist somewhere all the while mis-characterizing John Quincy Adams

Wow, a career bureaucrat is recorded, with his own knowledge, talking about crucifying business people who dare flout Leviathan’s edicts and “lawmakers” act as though they are shocked…SHOCKED I tell you! Well what did they expect? Not everyone gets Solyndra checks

If the Educrats and “student slave traders” I mean Student Loan industry keep their recruiting & loaning up, we could see 75% of “graduates” unemployed, in debt and looking like Spartacus, oar in hand


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Written by: TheKingDude

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