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The Mike Church Show World HQ

2012's First Post Show Show featuring Professor Kevin Gutzman

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Mandeville, LAAudio Exclusive – Today’s Post Show Show is brought to you by the Mike Church 24/7 Backstage Pass Membership. While YOU already have a membership since you are viewing this page,please help spread the message of Liberty and Mike’s insight & analysis by gifting a membership or two to your friends and family. Gift a Membership and Receive 15% off your next purchase in the DudeGear Store!

Mike is joined by professor Kevin Guztman, author of James Madison and The Making of America. Gutzman and Church discuss the final days of the Iowa GOP Caucus and what has shaped the race, who is winning and what it means for the future. Among the insightful discussion are the reasons for "the Santorum surge", why the DecptiCONS in Congress squandered their Tea Party backed "conservatism" in spending, attacks on civil liberties, the expansion of the federal empire across the world and why New Gingrich, like the proverbial broken clock, is right about Federal Judges abusing their powers.

This insightful, entertaining and frank discussion of the total failings of the two parties (yes BOTH are at fault) to protect our liberties and Constitution is a great way to prep for the rest of the 2012 election year and it is presented FREE of charge today.


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