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December 3, 2015
Planned Parenthood Values Employees Life But NOT The Babies They Kill Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “This maniac, this Dear character that went in there, all of a sudden now he was pro-life.  How do you know he was pro – if he went in and he started killing people, he’s not pro-life.  He...
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Twitter Is Buzzing : Reese’s Candy Outrage Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Social media equals judgment porn.  People have been defrauded into thinking they were going to get to eat a real Christmas tree-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Tree.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…. Begin Mike Church Show Transcript Mike:  Listen to this: [reading]...
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Tim Carney, Republicans, Anti-Cronyism Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “And the second thing is, when you mentioned the Export-Import Bank, last time I had the pleasure of interviewing Congressman Paul, one of the things that he and I talk about almost every time I have a chance to talk to him is: Why has...
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Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. The Holidays begin in earnest this week with the season of Advent now in full swing. Of course, Mike’s Mele Keleke Make Opening theme song returns as do his slate...
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