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Planned Parenthood Values Employees Life But NOT The Babies They Kill

Anthology-Cover-Christmas-EPMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“This maniac, this Dear character that went in there, all of a sudden now he was pro-life.  How do you know he was pro – if he went in and he started killing people, he’s not pro-life.  He immediately, by definition, ceases to be pro-life.  This is the same exact – this is guilt by association that libs and lefties and righties alike love to use.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  You’ve got to read some of the hysterical – it is hysterical, I mean hysteria, the writing on this.  There’s one woman – we’ll have one of our friends from on with us, John Jalsevac, joining us later on in the program here today to talk a little about this.  Let’s start with this one.  Jessica Valenti writing at The Guardian UK, the US version of The Guardian.  This is where Glenn Greenwald used to write.  He went out on his own and now writes on his own at The Intercept.  Here is her opinion essay from Sunday, “Violent anti-choice rhetoric must end, or anti-abortion violence never will.”  You want to talk about butchering language and using nominalism to attempt to make a point, using incorrect logic to attempt to make a point, write like Jessica Valenti.

We’ll get into the nuts and bolts of this.  Let me axe you a question.  We’re on the Veritas Radio Network and the Crusade Channel.   Yes, I said axe, A-X-E, as in that cheesy, cheap, vile antiperspirant and cologne all the cool kids with the pumped up kicks are wearing all the time.  Let me axe you a question about this and the vigilantism.  If you say that you’re pro-life and then you go out and perform or encourage someone else to perform the act of murder, you are then no longer pro-life.

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Let’s flesh this out for just a moment.  Before the nutjob walked into the theater – we’ll keep this focused in Colorado.  Before the lunatic – what was the whacko’s name with the red hair that went in and shot the theater up with all the kids watching the Batman premier?  Not that he needs any credit.  It will come to me in a moment.  Prior to him walking into the theater in Aurora, Colorado and murdering those children – innocently.  They’re innocent children; they were just in there watching a movie.  Before he walked into the theater and committed the atrocious act, would you characterize him as a murderer?  A murderer, of course, would be someone who has actually committed the act.  No, you would not.  He had a little record, not a grievous record.  We’re going to ignore the small, the dalliances against the law in the next question.  Prior to entering the theater and shooting it up, would you have characterized him as a criminal?  No, you would not.  So he wasn’t a criminal and he wasn’t a murderer.

As soon as the first bullet is let fly and strikes target, killing someone in that theater, then he is both a criminal and a murderer.  The act has transpired.  It has been committed.  He is a criminal and he is now a murderer.  That’s the difference between being called or classified as a criminal and a murderer.  The act has made you a criminal, the intent, and the executing the act and then perpetrating the crime has now made you a specific – he’s not a thief, in other words.  He’s not a rapist.  He’s a murderer.  He has committed an act of criminality, and the criminality he has committed is murder.  We’ve established that.  What does that have to do with any of this?  [mocking] “Come on, Mike, get to the point.  Either that, or get back to bashing Obama.”  We have Obama bashing today.  You people plannedparenthoodthat look forward to Obama bashing here on this show, you’re in for a treat today.  We’ll actually get to it.

He is now a criminal and a murderer.  Why did I set the story up the way I did?  Because you couldn’t have called him either one prior to the act.  If he’d have gone into the theater and decided not to do it – just say he had a religious or a Holy Ghost-inspired or infused epiphany, or was prevented because of his guardian angel the Holy Ghost, he didn’t go in there and do it.  Then he’s not a criminal and he’s not a murderer.  Even if he had the fleeting intention to do so, he didn’t perpetrate the act.  So he remains whatever it was that he was before.

In the exact same manner, someone that is pro-life is no longer pro-life when they would commit the act of murder, when they would encourage someone to commit the act of murder.  They are not pro-life any longer, and you shouldn’t call them pro-life.  In the same manner, we don’t call – once the criminal has committed the crime, he’s a criminal.  We don’t call him Citizen Innocent.  [mocking] “Well, he’s innocent until he’s proven guilty.”  Yeah, yeah, we know that.  The idea here that someone is and remains pro-life after they have committed the atrocity or encouraged someone to commit the atrocity, and the mortal sin, and the sin against the eternal law – it’s in the Ten Commandments – they moment they either commit the act or via a remote occasion of committing the act, encourage someone to commit it, they are no longer pro-life.  You don’t call them pro-life.  Yet that’s exactly what you and I are facing today.

This maniac, this Dear character that went in there, all of a sudden now he was pro-life.  How do you know he was pro – if he went in and he started killing people, he’s not pro-life.  He immediately, by definition, ceases to be pro-life.  This is the same exact – this is guilt by association that libs and lefties and righties alike love to use.  Rather than getting to the heart of the matter and the truth and trying to find the ultimate cause of why the madman became a madman and did what he did, let’s instead blame people that had nothing to do with it.  In other words, blame you and blame me.

Here’s what Ms. Valenti writes, in part.  Before I get into this, speaking of blaming you and me, did you hear – the president – this is where the Obama bashing will come in later on.  The president issued, while in Paris, a stern rebuke and shoved one in the eye of radical madmen Islamic terrorists.  Do you know what he did?  He stood shoulder to shoulder with President Hollande and said: We’re going to fight climate change.  Take that, jihadis.  [mocking Obama] “I want you to know, this is a stern rebuke to those that commit violence in the name of religion.  The world’s going to make a better place for the kids.  We’ve got to cool it down.  Why is the world a better place for children when it’s cold?  Jessica Valenti, Guardian UK, US version:


Words matter. When we dehumanize people – when we call them demons, monsters, and murderers – we make it easier for others to do them harm. Let’s not pretend that we don’t know that.

How we talk about abortion matters. We know it, and anti-choice extremists . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Anti-choice extremists?  People that don’t sanction the murdering of babies?  Yes, I said it.  Abortion is nominalism.  It is changing the name of the procedure, it is changing the terminology used to describe the grizzly act because those that are performing it don’t want to be called murderers.  I understand that, but you don’t get a vote on it.  If you’re in there, if you’re in the practice of killing babies, you’re murdering them.  You see, folks, this is going to be a year’s-long campaign to try to undo what David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress did with those Planned Parenthood videos.  [mocking] “We must have such great sympathy for those women.”  You’ve got to read this piece.  I linked to it in today’s Pile of Prep.


Ms. Valenti actually writes, get this, [mocking] “Every day, men and women lay their lives on the lines to go into abortion clinics to perform health services for women.”  Lay their lives on the line?  Let’s see, they’re going inside to have women put their feet up in the stirrups.  They’re going to murder, that’s right, they’re going to murder the human life that is gestating inside the womb, and yet they put their lives on the line?  It’s the Mike Church Show here on the Veritas Radio Network, Crusade Channel, on a Monday.  We are live and glad to have you with us.  Please tell a friend about the show and remind them that, yes, the show is back.  It never went anywhere.  It is live.  It is now free.  The broadcast quality is better than it ever has been.  It’s easier to listen than it has ever been before.  Back to the piece:


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Anti-abortion activists are not making WANTED posters or revealing doctor’s addresses for fun. They’re doing it to harass and intimidate, and they’re doing it knowing the long history of violent fanatics using their rhetoric to justify crimes against providers and clinics.

[end reading]

Mike:  Providers?  It’s funny, if you were to go ask someone that’s a Holocaust survivor if the persons that were perpetrating the medical experiments in Hitler’s laboratories were providers, were they providers of Nazi justice, as sick and twisted and warped as it was?  The ones that performed the procedures against the will of the women in China – remember, this is a human rights issue in China.  If you drag a woman in there who’s about to give birth to a little baby girl, or was found to be about to give birth to a little baby girl, and you decide: Hey, the State said you can only have one girl and you’re already over your quota.  Do they call that red Communist executioner a provider?  [mocking] “Mike, that’s not the same thing.”  It’s not?  What’s the end result?  Dead babies.  It is the same thing.  You nominalists wish to make it not the same thing.  Why?  Guilty conscience much maybe?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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