Day: May 23, 2019

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How I Stand Accused of “Slut Shaming” By Nancy Pelosi-ized “Catholics”

Accused of "Slut Shaming" by Mike Church Yesterday started off innocent enough, until my friend Dan M sent me an email alerting me to the following: Catholic teens protest high school skirt ban, demand their old uniforms back: 'This is absolutely sexist'. I posted the story and my comments to Twitter, 24 hours a later, a gaggle of teenagers formed a Twitter lynch mob to reprimand me for "slut-shaming". My […]

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The Mike Church Show

Jim Carrey Does The Holy Ghost’s, Pro-Life Bidding, Beelzebub Is Not Amused – The Mike Church Show

To Listen To The Full Episode Click HERE Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 11:05am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show            844-5CRUSADE Make Canon212 your first place to get news each day. Canon212 - News of the Church and the World. 2m   Golden Truth Sweepstakes Giveaway David Simpson was out looking for a used car the other day. He […]

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Pile Of Prep

Thursday Pile of Prep-What Happens When Cops Act Chivalrous

When Cops Act Chivalrous- Today's Pile of Prep Feature! Veritas et Sapientia - "We often forget the erotic weight of Dorothy Malone’s glasses in The Big Sleep (1946). When she finally removes them and looks into Bogart’s eyes, it’s as if she’s just slipped off an item of her clothing and invited him into her boudoir for a nightcap. We don’t even want to see her naked. We certainly don’t want Bogie […]

todayMay 23, 2019