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22 February, 2011 – The Church Doctrine


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Lipstick by Sephora, Chainsaw by Homelite

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

The events happening in Wisconsin are being billed as the government labor unions last stand well if ONLY that were true! What is actually happening is that Leviathan is sinking its razor sharp talons into citizens rear ends while holding its head aloft smiling for the cameras. The governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker helps to dramatize this point when he insists that without his austerity measures he will be forced to lay of 12,000 state workers, well if ONLY that were true!

Walker has no intention of trimming the size of the 300,000 bureaucrat army WI has working for it, indeed, his raison detre is to preserve that labor force but state workers will be forced to contribute to their own benefits at 45% of the rate the rest of us contribute. Thats not cutting government, thats insuring its survival! This leads me to the sad conclusion that for all the saber rattling coming from the Tea Party about cutting government, all the newly elected Republicans are delivering are truckloads of Sephora- in other words cosmetic changes.

What is needed in addition to breaking the union/government cartel is the elimination of entire agencies and departments. This is the only way to defeat Leviathan but I suspect that most people prefer the gentle sound of lipstick being applied to pigs to the roar of chainsaws cutting through bone.

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