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23 February, 2011 – The Church Doctrine

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    23 February, 2011 – The Church Doctrine TheKingDude


Only Congress Could Make the Word "Fraud Irrelevant

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Websters Dictionary informs us that the word fraud appeared in the English language in the 14th century and that the English lifted the word from the Latin fraus well let me propose that the Romans and the English combined could never have imagined the Acts that would be perpetrated by government in the name of fraud including what Americans refer to as Social Security.

Social Security has been a mistake since it was foisted on our unlucky souls by FDR in 1937 but only since 1983 has it been a fraud and were talking World Class fraud here. In 83 the Congress claimed to fix the problem of Social Security being underfunded, they did so by raising the taxes of those paying in and purported to take those funds and invest them. In typical Leviathan fashion, Congress determined that the funds could ONLY be invested in Treasury Notes and what does the Congress use Treasury notes for? financing deficit spending.

So, Congress collected the money, gave it to Treasury which then loaned it back to Congress to spend, in other words there never was a trust fund unless you consider a bank vault filled with IOUs from Uncle Sam a trust fund. The bills for this fraud are now due and what is Congress proposing to do about it? I cant answer that definitively but I bet it starts with raise and ends with __x-e-s.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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