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24 January, 2011 – The Church Doctrine

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In Life, Government Teaches Us To Take a Knee

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

On the NFL football field this weekend you could have learned some life lessons if you were paying attention. For starters, sometimes the execution of your job may require dealing with hazardous conditions, like temperatures in the mid to low teens. Many a heroic moment is recorded in these conditions like Tom Bradys famous tuck rule pass and yesterdays interception return for a touchdown by the Green Bay Packers BJ Raji.

Imagine getting out of the nanny state practice of pampering employees like they are fragile crystal and allowing those willing to take risks to take them by working more hours under more hazardous conditions at pay solely negotiated by them and their employer. Now that is a touchdown and 2 point conversion for both parties but today they have to settle for government mandated extra points.

There are still other life lessons like being prepared when an opportunity presents itself like Bears QB Caleb Hanie who would still be a relative unknown had he not been prepared to seize his opportunity to sub for injured Jay Cutler. Hanie used the chance to throw touchdowns while many who have given up on even finding opportunity, have taken a knee.

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