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27 January, 2011 – The Church Doctrine


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Reality: The USA Titanic is Sinking – Find a Lifeboat While You can

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine

We are often treated to fiscal proclamations issued from that fabled – glimmering – non partisan agency known as the CBO. Usually these proclamations come with what seems like a veneer of unassailable credibility. This is despite the fact that there is no Federal Agency that has managed to be more wrong more often than the CBO. Well yesterday the CBO offered a sobering assessment that contradicts a previously encouraging assessment.

The CBO now says that it was wrong about this years budget deficit which it now projects to come in at $1.5 TRILLION. This number is staggering and what is more staggering is the lack of a sense of urgency to deal with this problem. Problems that exist because over the last decade Leviathan has increased its per household spending by $10,000. i dont recall ever asking my government to give me a pay raise and I certainly havent noticed that I got one. Maybe the reason for that becomes clear when we look at the next figure: from 2008 to 2021 the spending for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is set to rise from $1.2 Trillion to $2.2 Trillion. This will coincide with an increase in the national debt, per household of $150,000.

Congressman Paul Ryan talks about reforming these programs which are sinking the USA Titanic. I think Id rather ditch Captain Ryan and find out whos in charge of lowering the lifeboats.

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