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The Mike Church Show World HQ


Ilana Mercer: The RIC – Racism Industrial Complex – has sprung into Trayvon Martin marketing mode while black on white crime goes unreported

Where’s Obama? Families and friends of 2 British teens, murdered in FL by a 17 year old want to know why Obama has not expressed any outrage over their loss… Oh and did we mention the shooter was black and the slain boys were white?

They’re Listening! WaPo picks up on my analysis that a loss for Obama on ObamaCare is actually a GOOD thing for him and brain dead ObamaBot Zombies

Liberty’s Superhero VIDEO: Rand Paul drops the gauntlet on Leviathan’s scam to redistribute wealth to corporations through the import export bank

Are Double QP’s With Cheese a “Right” Too? Libtard insists that for the U.S. to keep up with Luxemborg we must admit that “healthcare” is a RIGHT not a privilege

It’s Only Monopoly Money. FOUR budget proposals go down in flames in the House of Representin’ including one that raises $3 TRILLION in taxes submitted by the CBC

The DeceptiCONS Wunderkid The sorry plan to save the planet from debt extinction by Paul Ryan passes the House as Simpson-Bowles to actually cut the ACTUAL spending goes belly up

Didn’t Santorum Say Obama/Romney Were the Same? Comparing the “Ryan budget” vs the “Obama budget” shows that Ryan doesn’t do much more than Dear Leader

Even Broken Clocks Are Right Twice A Day CNN: Why the U.S. may NEVER see another balanced budget

WSJ’s Henninger: We are not France… YET

A Teen Magazine written for Teen conservatives!? Yep, and it sounds positively Kristolian or DeceptiCONian

Obama sells a hoodie and so does Ron Paul, so what does that prove? That people are gullable

L.A.Slimes: The Earth is saved by Obama from coal fired energy plants and
the poor are saved from having to wriggle with those light switches
which will no longer work!

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