Hillary Clinton and the Mysterious “Personal Emails”

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What Slick Hilly Is Guilty Of Has NOTHING To Do With Emails

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “Most in the political class probably operate like this.  We don’t know this because they don’t tell us this, but they’re administering their own little networks and servers.  This is all part of the make-work corporatism, ladies and gentlemen.  This is how the game is played.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript


A New York Times report published Monday evening set off a firestorm of criticism, and suggested Clinton violated State Department regulations by using a personal email account for government business, potentially shielding her correspondence from public inquiries like Freedom of Information Act requests. Her email account,, was hosted by a server located at her home, and reportedly “became a symbol of status within the family’s inner circle.”

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Mike:  Let me just stop right here.  Some of you may also remember a show that I did – I’m trying to remember the year, probably 2014, maybe around this time last year.  There as an article that had appeared at Wired Magazine.  It was written by – the guy used a pseudonym.  We don’t know who wrote it.  Well, the NSA knows who wrote it.  I don’t know who wrote it.  The gentleman used a pseudonym.  He wrote about how he had worked at one of the big agencies and had left the big agency.  When I say big, I mean CIA, NSA, etc., etc.  He had left a big agency because he was told that with his certain set of skills that he could make a lot more money if he didn’t work for the agency any longer, but in order to do so, he had to remain clandestine.  He had to go set up this very complex series of misdirecting routers and servers in his home, which he pretended was not the site of a business.  He was a contractor for, I think, the NSA.  He had to set his own server up so all his mail came from himself, but he had to misdirect it so that no one could trace it and find out who he was and what he was.  It was very detailed.

The point of the story was that the NSA actually told him: We have so much money that we’re throwing at these contractors and you’re a pretty good employee.  You need to quit and go be a contractor.  We don’t need you around here.  You’re doing nothing anyway.  These analysts don’t actually do anything.  They stare at computer screens and it looks like they’re doing something, but they’re not actually doing anything, like stopping the Tsarnaev brothers or something like that.  Go be a contractor and then you can still do nothing but we’ll pay you about ten times more.  You’re going to have to secure yourself so that nobody knows you’re there.  You have to do it out of your house.  You can’t have a business, etc., etc.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Most in the political class probably operate like this.  We don’t know this because they don’t tell us this, but they’re administering their own little networks and servers.  This is all part of the make-work corporatism, ladies and gentlemen.  This is how the game is played.  You think Hillary went in there and said: Yes, is this Michael Dell?  Hi, Mrs. Clinton here.  Yes, I’d like to order a Series 434g server.  hillary-clinton-twitterNo, I want the quad processors.  Yes, I’ll need six of those.  I’ll need a couple of those Cisco routers.  I’ll have four of those, half a dozen of those.  You think Mrs. Clinton did that?  No.  She knew a spook who was a contractor.  The contractor was paid probably, I’m going to guess, with State Department money.  Even if it wasn’t with State Department money, it was with dirty laundry money laundered through the despicable 501(c)(3) nonprofit code.  She was serving her own email is the point.  That’s what touched all this stuff off.


Clinton’s advisers submitted some 50,000 pages of emails to the State Department two months ago at the government’s request, but critics maintained that using private email allowed Clinton to pick and choose which documents to submit with no way to verify the process. A House panel investigating the 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya, on Wednesday issued a subpoena for any and all of Clinton’s private emails related to the attack.

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Mike:  We know the story.  I don’t know whether or not Mrs. Clinton is guilty of anything, and I’m not going to pronounce that she is.  I know that you think I ought to because I’m on the Patriot Channel.  I don’t know.  I refuse to say whether or not she’s actually guilty of any mischievousness.  Knowing the Clintons, though, I would say she is predisposed to having done it, but we simply don’t know.

Here’s what bothers me about this.  I seem to be alone.  Me and Daniel Larison, Michael Brendan Dougherty and a few others out there, this is what bothers us about it.  You people, many of you, are so concerned about, [mocking] “We’re gonna get her.  She used email servers wrongly.  She broke State Department law.  She did it while Benghazi was going on.  I know it.  I knew she was guilty.”  Mrs. Clinton is guilty of the Benghazi attacks because she wasn’t in communication the morning of, she didn’t send enough Navy SEALs in, etc., etc.  You know the entire story.

This is an effect of the original sin.  As I said, few people take the time to stop and think about this.  The original sin that was Hillary_Clinton_cellphonecommitted was the invasion of Libya without congressional authorization after Boehner told Obama: If you do this, I’m going to come after you and impeach you.  Of course, he didn’t because he was probably in on it.  Mrs. Clinton was leading the State Department at that time in cahoots with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.  They orchestrated and pulled off the invasion of Libya and the ultimate assassination of Muammar Gaddafi and thus a regime change.  It is the regime change that led to the chicanery or shenanigans, the deadly, lethal shenanigans that happened in Benghazi.  If Mrs. Clinton does not commit the original sin, if Obama obeys the Congress and has to go to get an authorization to do what he did, if Robert Gates doesn’t violate his oath of office – he should have been impeached, too – none of this happens.

Instead, you want to obsess over whether or not she broke a rule on what kind of email she should have used or what kind of rules she should have followed on email.  I’m not going to see who cares because obviously rules ought to be followed, but, in this particular instance, admit it, you want her to burn for Benghazi for all the wrong reasons.  [mocking] “We had to have the regime change, Mike.  Nobody questions whether or not there should have been a regime change.  Everybody knows that.”  Really?  You have the arrogance to actually say that?

You know how many Christians now whose lives have been imperiled, whose lives have been lost, martyrs have been created as a result of that action, of that intervention?  That’s an intervention.  That’s why we are noninterventionists.  The emphasis in this ridiculous series of arguments about Benghazi is always, in my humble opinion, misplaced.  Is she culpable for the deaths of that ambassador and those SEAL team guys?  I don’t know; neither do you.  Is she culpable in putting them in that position of peril prior to because of the intervention?  I do know that because I’ve seen the cables.  We all know how it went down.  Yes, that’s what she’s guilty of.  Anyone else that would have executed that assassination and that regime change would have been guilty.  She should have been embarrassed, tarred and feathered, and impeached.  Michael Scheuer says that this was all Mrs. Clinton’s idea, that Obama just went along with it to shut her up, which is understandable.


So if you want to talk about Benghazi, please get the story correct.  Remember, we should always pursue truth.  We have to go back to the beginning of these things.  There was a horrific error that was created that resulted in Ambassador Stevens and that SEAL team being in that embassy without proper support, without proper armament, and without proper warning.  What preceded that is what

The latest "American Statesman" book from Mike Church, hailed by Professor Kevin Gutzman
The latest “American Statesman” book from Mike Church, hailed by Professor Kevin Gutzman

caused it, which is not to exonerate the madmen that did it.  We’ve lost the capacity to contemplate and think.  Go back to the start.  That’s the sin and that’s the deceit, and boy was it a deceit.  The fact that she got away with it and you people are letting her get away with it, this is why she can’t be president, because she cannot be trusted.  It doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not she dispatched some hombres in the right time.  That’s the macho man argument.  The argument for a statesman is that she is not.  She’s an assassin.  She’s a bully with an army, just like Obama is, just like Bush was, and just like Clinton was before her.  That’s the point.

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I think it’s a good point, too, because it’s true.  It has truth in it.  It should and ultimately would and could doom her presidency, but that doesn’t serve the warmonger and the war hawk caucus’s ultimate desire.  They think that the assassination, and many of you listening right now think the assassination and the regime change in Libya was the greatest thing that ever happened to Libyans.  Go tell that to the 27 that had their heads cut off on that beach that you so lament and now want to field an army to go over into the sands of Arabia to go fight ISIS.  [mocking] “You can’t just go in there and crucify Christians.”  Guess who it was that was stopping most of the atrocities that would have been committed against Christians in Libya?  Gaddafi.  Was Gaddafi a crown prince?  No, for Heaven’s sake, no, and neither was Saddam.  But they did not allow jihad in their country.  As long as they were running the show, the only mercenary actions that were going to take place would take place for political and monetary reasons.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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