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364 Days To Declare Independence


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364 Days To Declare IndependenceFrom Congress

2011 Mike Church

Hey Folks Mike Church here with Todays Church Doctrine.

As we watch the kabuki theater that passes for Congressional Debate over the debt ceiling we should pay attention to what is NOT being done: shrinking our Federal Leviathan. Nope it is still as large and menacing and despotic as it was at the end of last month and the 600 months that preceded it. matter of fact the last time it actually shrank was during the administration of Calvin Coolidge who famously refused to allow the installation of a telephone in the oval office saying that if Congress needed him so desperately they could walk down the street and see him personally.

Imagine if Congressmen, fresh from finishing speeches about how desperately their constituents require government services that are going to be cut if the debt ceiling isnt raised another light year into space, heeded that call? Would Nancy Pelosi, hop in her 2 door Prius and drive down the street to deliver nutritious arugula sandwiches to seniors deprived of Meals on Wheels?

Would Debbie Wasserman Shultz mount a skateboard and careen down the sidewalks of Miami to deliver diapers and infant formula to the deprived illegal aliens who moonlight as single mothers? Will republican Paul Ryan whose stature among DeceptiCONS is as tall as another PaulBunyan, maneuver his Black Suburban into the Shady Acres rest home parking lot to bring cases of geriatric drugs to Seniors who havent paid for them but insist they are entitled to them?

With yet another Independence Day in Americas rear view mirror, I say that we spend the next 364 days working toward an actual Independence next 4 July. An Independence from this debt ceiling and the Corrupt Congress, answering to the corrupt sheople, who created it.

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