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The Mike Church Show Episode 298: Is California Where South Carolina Was In 1860

Mandeville, LA –  Madness: Nat Geo & Katie Couric Now Claim That A “Fetus” Can Doubt Its Gender Assignment – Someone needs to take a padded rubber room from a mental correction facility, put it on a Mac truck and travel the countryside in search of tranZombies. The now fad-like mental disorder known as transgenderism has achieved comedic success where no comedy is warranted. Do these people watch their own shows? Listen to their radio interviews? Read their “blog posts”? Former NBC Nightly News anchor Katie Couric has produced with National Geographic a TV special titled The Gender Revolution (as if God’s creation of male and female humans is in need of Man’s tinkering). While visiting with infamous lesbian Ellen DeGeneres, Couric informs us that the same fetus that Hillary & her murderous goons at Planned Parenthood say is a “choice” actually can get conflicted over its sex while IN the womb. How Couric managed to score the prenatal interview and get “the fetus” on the record remains a mystery. Folks, watch the clip and decide whether you think crying or laughing is called for? Crying for Mammon’s firm possession of these disordered souls or laughter that these souls can accept this disordered reality as reality and must be doing so as comic relief?

If Kids Keep Playing Cowboys & Indians Then ‘Muricah Will Keep Making Racist, Hick-Hayseed Voters For Trump – Ross Douthat posits that the reason that Donald Trump was elected and then enacted his now infamous “Travel Ban” is because he is delivering the type of xenophobic government, ‘Muricah’s Indian massacre-ing, slave holding past mandates. That to change this paradigm would require that “middle Murica” lose this narrative, admit the true horrors of the slave trade, the indian killing, the “Manifest Destiny” course our forefathers took, atone for our sins, then chart a course to paradise. To wit: “Maybe no unifying story is really possible. Maybe the gap between a heroic founders-and-settlers narrative and the truth about what befell blacks and Indians and others cannot be adequately bridged. But any leader who wants to bury Trumpism (as opposed to just beating Trump) would need to reach for one — for a story about who we are and were, not just what we’re not, that the people who still believe in yesterday’s American story can recognize as their own.” This is pretty much the same indictment delivered by Christopher Ferrara in Liberty The God That Failed but Douthat is new to the conclusion. Times are a-changing indeed. H/T Rod Dreher



The Mike Church Show Episode 298: Is California Where South Carolina Was In 1860

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