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So Investors Will Sink Their Paper Notes in When BernYankMe Puts The Next Generations IOU’s In!?

todayJune 7, 2012

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Perverts: So “Investors” will sink their paper notes in when Bernyankme puts the next generations IOU’s in!? Sick. “Global stocks extended their biggest rally of the year amid rising hopes of further market-boosting stimulus measures by policy makers, as Asian equities surged to their best gains for more than two months.”

NoCovery Summer: Gas consumption and petroleum use hit 20 year lows

Bankrupted by Unions & Gubbmint employees: Two cities in CA decide they want to keep their money and mow their own grass, Las Vegas NV cannot do bankruptcy even though it cannot afford to turn on the streetlights anymore

The Punditocracy does what it does after every “major issue” is resolved-This time WI: it reviews itself, then makes up news about its own coverage of news, add in Stephanie Cutter and you’ve got… RATINGS!

Why are AmConMag writers fretting over the fate of “critics” at “rock magazines” when the criticism should be that most “rock” IS only worthy of critics who, like rock, have no future

Harvards resident fake Native American – Elizabeth Warren – PASSED on the chance to use the Buffet Rule in MA and kick in some more taxes for her state to spend on its magical healing services

AmConMag: The business of cable news media is just that: it’s a business built around ideological fantasies that the 2 parties promote as reality, un-substantive by design, this is where the sheople digest their “knowledge”

When Bubba Clinton dares to tell the truth he is reigned by a chain around his neck like the hound dog chasing FogHorn Leghorn across the yard – This must be the biggest, partisan hack, boneheaded move in this year’s campaign:Romney Campaign MOCKS the honest on his own record!

Why parent your kids when you can get Minnie Mouse and Michelle Obama to do it for you?

Rand Paul: The Soviet Politburo didn’t do as much central economic planning as the U.S. Senate does

Congress Stooges: “What can we think of next to subsidize?” “Gee I don’t know, we tried sugar, condoms and electric cars!”… “Hey I know the next BIG thing, let’s subsidize CROP INSURANCE… it’ll be like, ‘too big to fail for Old MacDonald!”

Someone else picks up on my oft cited “who is WE?” query e.g.  whenever “WE” must borrow more money or “WE” must defend a vital interest somewhere or “WE” need to get out and vote Republican et cetera

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Written by: TheKingDude

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