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Would Murray Rothbard Tell Today’s “2 Evils” Voters To Choose Romney?

todayJune 12, 2012 1

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VIDEO: Tom Woods implores Ron Paul to NOT endorse Mitt Romney

FLASHBACK: What would Libertarian icon & hero Murray Rothbard do with the Romney/Obama vote? Most likely, cash the checks and then vote for the lesser of two evils

BROKEN CLOCKS & BILL MAHER-Being right twice a day is no badge of achievement but Bill Maher actually gets one right on “American Exceptionalism”

The front page of American Spectator bears the likeness of your most kind and gracious host over the Rand Paul endorsement of Romney story. Has the KingDude arrived!?

The guidance many of you have been seeking: Murray Rotherbard would vote for Romney and “distance the oncoming hordes”

The society that sexts together stays dysfunctional, poor and headed for history’s ash bin together

Olympia Snow Job ends her reign of DeceptiCON mischief in ME and is followed by an ACTUAL conservative? Maybe…

Where’d all your money go? Exactly where I told you it did, it was inflated til it was worth twice the amount of paper notes it took you to buy it

What’s new with Apple computer at the WWDC? New MacBook’s, Towers and OS’s galore

Drone Nation: DHS has so many drones it doesn’t know what to do with all of them, pray they don’t go “intelligent”

The Fat Bastard epidemic hits the City of Chubberly Love

Small Business is trying to make a comeback but the ObamBot Zombied economy has 1/4 of them going without pay

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Written by: TheKingDude

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