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7 January, 2011 – The Church Doctrine


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The Constitution For Dummies and Revisionists, by John Boehner

2010 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine

When the new Republican Congress had the Constitution read aloud in the House I initially thought it would be a good thing but leave it to DeceptiCONS to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Instead of simply handing out trusty copies of the Pocket Constitution and just reading from that, America was instead treated to the Republican – Eric Cant-Stortution version.

Omitted were what the Fake Conservatives are apparently embarrassed to admit the Founders wrote including the 3/5 compromise on the counting of slaves. Had this compromise not been included, there is no chance whatsoever that ratification would have been secured. The same doyennes who drone on about bipartisanship politics being the art of compromise dont much fancy the compromise reached in Philadelphia in 1787.

Next up on the Founders Not yet ready for prime time sins was the selection of U.S. Senators, which was wisely left to the 13 state legislatures at the time. Our New Deck Chairs wouldnt want anyone getting the idea that states had any role in the administration of the federal government now would they? Then there was the omission of the preamble and the preamble to the Bill of Rights. The latter clearly states that it was the states that sought guarantees of protection FROM the federal government which throws a monkey wrench into the whole perverted workings of todays federal judiciary.

Maybe for an encore the Republicans can read the Declaration of Independence which from their revisionist pens only requires one sentence: All men are created equal unless they are Founders.

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